A walk crossing Sea of Sands towards Bromo Crater

Well, we are supposed to be on our way to Penanjakan view point walks to see the sunrise, but perhaps all of us are too tired, none of us able to wake up on time. Not a problem since we have 2 days in Bromo, hence we continue with our morning plan, a walk and hike towards Bromo Crater from Cemoro Lawang village. After having our buffet breakfast via Cemara Indah restaurant, we started our journey.

Good morning Bromo!

Oh ya, before we are allowed to enter Bromo National Park, we are required to purchase entrance ticket for it which cost rupiah 220,000 for one person. It supposed to be a daily ticket, but the guard told us it is all right for unlimited entrance, just keep the ticket well. Take note, as each ticket is around RM70!

Normally people taking tour with jeep, but we choose to walk with our bare feet towards the crater. The walk way down the cliff is just located in front of Cemara Indah restaurant. It is a small down hill sandy trail, which bring us lower for around 100-200 meters. During the walk, we saw some of the local went up from the sea of sands with their horse towards the village.

After brief 15 minutes, we reach the end of the trail road, and we are at the sea of sands! The dust are everywhere hence do make sure you keep your mask on from here onward. From here on it will need around 2-3 km of walks in sea of sands in order to reach the feet of mount bromo and another 1km up hill to reach the crater.

Reaching the bottom of the cliff and marching towards the sea of sands.

The jeep are taking a designated route when they are moving in the sea of sands area, but we are freely walk in any direction that we want here! We cherish every moment ‘walking’ towards the crater by enjoying the magnificent landscape across the area. You can even see some of the area are having some sort like ‘drain’, but without any water flowing. Perhaps there might be some during rainy season.

Jumping John.

Jumping Zidane.

Jumping Kim.

Only 5 minutes into sea of sands, and this how our shoes had become...

Breathing will be harder during strong wind, always put your mask on!

After around an hour of walks, we pass through Pura Luhur Poten of Gunung Bromo. It is an Bali style temple that located on the feet of Mount Batok and Mount Bromo. From here we started to see some local selling souvenirs, drinks, and food around this area. From here onward, it is starting to go uphill, and there are choices to ride horse to the top instead of walking. For cost saving, we continue to walk up the hill.

Pura Luhur Poten.

Local selling food, drinks, and souvenir and offering horse riding towards the top.

Begin of the uphill walk.

Amazing landscape, covered by thick dust.

View back towards the sea of sands.

After another brief 30 minutes of hike, we reach the staircase that will finally bring us to the crater. We are being persuade by a local that is selling some flowers, said to be use as offering to the God of Mountain. This sound unique to us, hence we did spend rupiah 50,000 for 3 bouquet of hand made flowers, and bring it along towards the crater. Thanks for helping us to took some group photos with the flowers as well.

Big bouquet is for Kim as it was his birthday!

Other choices of bouquet to our right, and Mount Batok at the back.

We are getting nearer to the crater now.

All with specs on.

Here you go the staircase towards the crater.

Here we go!

The crater itself, is just amazing! It is an active volcano, and by standing on the edge of it, you can heard and felt the power of the nature within it. It is a great experience to walk along the edge and to see the crater and the view back to sea of sands, but you really need to be careful to not falling down! There are only a very short barrier between you and the crater, and I can felt the numb of my legs bit by bit after standing for quite some time. Hence most of the time, I will just sitting rather than standing high next to the edge. We spend around 1 hour ++ before making our ways down, and to cross the sea of sands again to back to the village.

Seriously, watch your every step here!

Close up with the crater.

View back towards the sea of sands from the crater edge.

The staircase that we took to reach the crater edge.

Make a wish, and throw with all your strength towards the crater!

Statue of Lord Ganesha.

Panorama view towards sea of sands.

Walking along the edge is not that easy after all...

John is very brave to walk that far as the edge are getting narrow.

Great spot for a wide view from the edge.

This time, we choose to go on to another direction, to take the path which jeeps are taking to go up and down between village and sea of sands. This walk again, distance itself is around 2-3km to back to the village, but we have a leisure and slow walk, while enjoying the phenomenon around the area.

The landscape is just amazing.

We saw a path, and we just follow it.

Mount Bromo is on the back now.

Job well done of a great walk!

At night we have our dinner via Cafe Lava, and due to limited choices, we only manage to found pan'cakes' to celebrate Kim's birthday. Happy birthday bro!

Happy birthday!

cemoro lawang - bromo crater

September 2016

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