Midnight hike for Bromo sunrise and sea of clouds.

Our plan A was supposed to be catching Bromo sunrise during our first night at Cemoro Lawang, but unfortunately we are too tired to wake up on time (yeah, all 3 of us) hence we have to execute plan B, to do it on the next day morning, before our planned departure from the area at 9am Bison downhill back to Probolinggo.

We rest early after dinner a day earlier, and wake up on time at around 2:30am and we start to prepare our self. Soon we depart at 3am with a plan to walk with our feet towards Penanjakan 2 view point. Most of the tourist that taking tour will be taking by jeep towards Penanjakan 1 view point with is on higher altitude but we know that it is very crowded on that area hence we did not want to be there.

However, due to our poor condition, we worried that we will be late to catch the sunrise if we choose to walk all the way over to the view point, hence after quick discussion, we decided to go with jeep, and only experience the walk on the way back to the village. Immediately on the road side, a jeep driver approach us and offer to bring us to catch the sunrise at Penanjakan 2 view point as view point 1 is already full, as expected. He is mentioning that the distance there will be around 10km and it is impossible we can make it before sunrise by walking, well I know that he is lying as I did some study on the distance earlier, it is only approximately 3.2 km uphill, but we really need the jeep transportation hence after few round of negotiation, we agree with rupiah 150,000 one way.

Walking distance from Cemoro Lawang to our chosen view point.

After approximately 15-20 minutes, the jeep stopped us at a corner, and i check my maps.me location plot, we only reach Seruni Point, and we only realized that the jeep only able to reach this spot due to road condition. The rest of the uphill journey we will have to make it with our own feet, or there are horse ride to hire.

After taking around 30 minutes of slow walk, we finally reach Penanjakan 2 view point. We recognize the place as it is having 2 semi finish building that have a roof that act as additional stand point for us to enjoy the view over there. But we are quite confuse as the entrance gate showing that it is Seruni point, well no matter Penanjakan 2 or Seruni view point, this is the actual point that we spend until the morning.

Although it is still plan dark in the area, the place is already quite crowded with many people already. The roof on the structure on the right side is still quite empty, hence we quickly make our way to climb up to that platform. Immediately Kim setup his tripod in order to try snap sunrise picture for Bromo along with starry sky, as this need to be done using a very slow shutter speed, probably 15-20 seconds. Now everything is ready, while enjoying the fresh cold air there, we are now waiting for the sunrise to happen.

Slowly we can see Bromo appear in front of us, and also a unique view of sea of clouds invading the village of Cemoro Lawang. The view is just magnificent! Time for photos!

From near to far, Mount Batok, Mount Bromo with smoke rising high, and Mount Semeru from afar, highest peak of Java Island.









Sunrise is finally here, and everyone start to switch their eye sight towards east now. We can now see the view more clearly with the help of the sunlight.

Good morning sun.

Sea of cloud invading the village.

What a way to start a new day!

While enjoying the sunrise and magnificent view of Bromo from top, I found that the sea of clouds view are also very priceless!

Sea of clouds invading village of Cemoro Lawang.

Another side of view from the platform.

Panoramic view from the platform.

Youngster climb up higher than the platform for the view.

We spend for quite some time here, at least an hour enjoying the breath taking view. But we have to forecast walking distance carefully as we have to catch the Bison car down to Probolinggo at 9am, hence we start to make our way back to Hostel. Here is some of the photos taken while we are on the way, finally we can see the surrounding now.

The platform that we step on to during the dark night.

Ok.... the name is Seruni Point, I am confuse...

The walk path to the view point.

This is the place where the jeep stop.

Another panoramic view catching both Cemoro Lawang and Bromo.

The mist start to fade from the village.

The view point is somewhere on top of this hill.

After 30 minutes of slow walk, we almost make it back to Cemara Indah Hotel area by maps direction, since there are still some time left, we decided to take a small path to the right crossing the farm to see if we can get some extra view or not. Well, this just not disappoint us!

Spend some great time enjoying this walk along the cliff it will take you back to Cemara Indah Hotel area. Do not miss it if you are having a walk here.

We make our way back to our Hostel, and after some quick pack and bath, we catch 9am Bison ride back to Probolinggo, along with fellow travellers from Singapore, Philipine, German, any many more. This round, we have negotiation with the driver for rupiah 50,000 per person and additional rupiah 15,000 for us that need to drop directly via Probolinggo train station.

Great walk path just next to the cliff.

Here is the direction towards this 'secret path'.

We turn right from the main road at this location.

Here is google street view on where we take the turn.

Bonus scenery during the walk along the cliff:

Pity butterfly got trapped in spider web.

The time I wish i have a macro lense!

Cemoro Lawang - Seruni Point

September 2016

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