A Gem in City of Probolinggo

Continue from last story telling, we are now reaching Probolinggo train station and without wasting much time, I direct queuing to buy train ticket direct to our next destination, Yogyakarta. Due to limited time and expecting long distance ride, we start to distribute jobs in which Kim and John rush out to buy some foods to eat in train (from 1st experience, food on train is expensive), while I continue to queue for tickets. Unfortunately, no more tickets available for the direct train, hence I have to choose next option which is to transit again via Surabaya, and the train will only depart from Probolinggo station 2 hours++ later. Well, it mean we have another 2 hours++ to wait at the train station, or to walk around the city.

We don't have much good impression on Probolinggo due to earlier issue with transportation scam to Cemoro Lawang. However the minor packing foods that Kim and John purchase is not enough to fill our stomach, and is not taste good at all. After discussion, we decide to pay a visit to a local favorite restaurant called Bu Lely, discovered from Foursquare, and it is only 5 minutes walking distance from the train station.

Price are indicated clearly on the board.

Once we took our seat, there are waiter and waitress come to serve us politely and explain to us each item on the menu, as still Bahasa Indonesia is still kinda different with Bahasa Malaysia. Finally we make our choice as below:

Burung Dara Goreng

Gurami Bakar

Bebek Cetar

Guess what, all 3 dishes is extremely delicious, and the price is very reasonable, or I would say is cheap!

This bebek cetar is something worth to be mention, as when we ask the waitress what is cetar, she told us that it is a secret spicy sauces that spread on bebek goreng. I am a spicy lover, without hesitation I decided with this type of bebek.

Imagine what, it is very first time I can't take on the spiciness of this chilies, but the blending of this chilies and the bebek is so perfect!

It even so tasty just to eat cucumber slices along with the cetar sauces!

We did felt grateful that direct train to Yogyakarta is sold out, so that we have chance to dine in this extraordinary restaurant!

Definitely will be return if I have a chance to return to Probolinggo.

Hope to 'cetar' again at Bu Lely!

Probolinggo Train Station to Bu Lely

Bu Lely - Probolinggo

September 2016

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