Gembira Loka

We always get to hear about legend of Komodo dragon which is one of the biggest giant reptiles, but never really see one. From hotel information counter, we get to know about Gembira Loka, and surprisingly we saw Komodo dragon is in the park as well! As we don't have any plan yet for the day except a night dinner with John's friend, we make a decision to pay a visit to the zoo of Yogyakarta to spend our first half of the day.

Based on the route, I saw that one of the bus route eventually will drop by Gembira Loka hence we make our way to the nearest bus stop. The bus transportation design is pretty systematic, as it somehow works like how an MRT operate. They have a entrance, that you need to make the payment before you can enter to the waiting zone. The waiting zone is not so big, but still fine for us as the interval of the bus is not that long. After a while our bus to Gembira Loka arrive (There is numbering on the bus, do take note on this) and it will stop directly on a yellow platform next to the waiting zone, and after travelers disembark from the bus, we proceed to enter the bus. With this process, the bus will not simply stop at any place other than these bus stop to drop passengers or pick up. To the right of the waiting zone will be an exit for those who disembark from the bus. Best thing on the bus transportation in Yogyakarta, it only cost rupiah 3500 per trip! Even you are leaving Malioboro area towards Airport, it is still the same price!

Bus stop in Yogyakarta.

Once we done purchasing the ticket, we start to make our ways into the zoo. Here we go!

Might be due to hot weather, those Komodo dragon in the park just resting there, and they are not even moving!

Well, at least we finally saw it in real.

Kodomo dragon resting under the shade.

Huge Komodo dragon resting alone far from us.

Snake with yellow stripes.

A cute bird having his meal filled in a coconut shell.

This is one male peacock with magnificent beautiful feather. Too bad no matter how hard we try, he had no interest to rise it for us.

Magnificent peacock.

Proud peacock.



How eagle say hi to us.

While we walk around the zoo, we surprise to see few huge tortoise moving around slowly in an open area!

Unique species of tortoise, and he is very heavy.

He look emo....

Hornbill bird.

Close encounter with camel.

Black bear face seem to be in shock.

Perhaps he is doing stretching there.

On lake side, there is a trainer practicing with his eagle. This eagle is very discipline and had been obeying all the orders from the trainer.

Sharp eye.

Very sharp eyes.

Very famous animal among Malaysian.

And 'she' is very rich.

We spend for around 4 hours in the park, and seriously it is way better than what we expected it to be. Overall the park is very clean, and offered a lot of opportunity for us to interact closely with some animals safely. Worth the visit!

At night, we meet up with John's friend in a very famous local restaurant. It is great to know new friends from different countries, some local Indonesian, Brazil, Italy, and America. The food here is quite nice as well, and the price is cheap.

Great night out with new friends.

Before leaving, we only realize there are full of people sitting outside of the restaurant waiting to be seated. From the sharing, some even have to wait for seats for more than an hour or two as advance booking is not allow here, and this restaurant is open 24 hours!

The House of Raminten

Its empty when we reach here....

Gembira loka - yogyakarta

September 2016

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