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Life is about courage and going into the unknown

Done my luggage packing finally, it is simply the first time I am getting serious to pack my item for travel.

This was because I am taking advice from fellow expert that visited winter place, that there are many preparation that I cannot miss especially on those winter clothing stuff.

The night before the departure, as usual, insomnia.

This is reasonable as I am attending night time remote training for the whole week, which to be honest, not effective at all.

Or it might due to excitement as well of course.

Well, works go aside for now. I will wanna get myself prepare for this long awaited trip to land of ice and fire!

'Life is about courage and going into the unknown'

Thanks to Walter Mitty for the great quote and adventure, and now I am gonna create one for myself!

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Extended Trailer

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