My Longest Flight by Far

My flight itinerary from Penang to Iceland:

Penang International Airport -> KLIA - 1 hour flight, transit for 6 hours

KLIA -> Istanbul Ataturk Airport - 10 hours flight, transit for 6 hours

Istanbul Ataturk Airport -> Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - 4 hours flight, transit for 3 hours

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport -> Keflavik International Airport - 3 hours flight

Total time use to reach Iceland was 33 hours!

It is not an easy journey to reach Iceland after all.

Me meet with Hybrid and Gary on Penang airport, we are the only three departing from Penang. Oh yeah, I only knew Hybrid by person before the trip started.

Then next via KLIA, we then meet with CJ, CK, Ying Ying, and finally Sue Hui, Jenson at the boarding gate as they already check in earlier.

Simple introduce to each other, and we head on our 10 hours flight to Istanbul. Turkish airline not bad at all, 10 hours of it seem better than 3 hours flight in AirAsia lol.

Departure soon to Istanbul.

In-flight entertainment.

Long flight.....

Istanbul was a good start to us, as we have 6 hours of transit, after rough sight seeing around the airport, we find a place and everyone sit down to have a rest. Team start to be more open conversation with each other and just for a while, the team start to blend very well, like some old friends already! This is definitely good start to this journey!

Its good to be tricked when buying Turkish ice cream.

On the way to board flight to Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is a short transit, hence we just went out to experience slight Europe autumn season and tested the weather there. We are lucky enough to board Icelandair plane that having colorful aurora alike roof light along the flight!

Reach Amsterdam, laughter everywhere.

Sneak peek on Amsterdam just outside of Schiphol Plaza.

Check-in our flight to Iceland with Icelandair.

Very strict custom check at Amsterdam, my whole bottle of Vaseline is gone here....

Great way to charge your phone here, you need to keep on cycling on the pedal!

Reach Iceland finally 3 hours later, and the ground temperature is around 5 degrees. I think I am able to manage it but Hybrid did advice us to change to long sleeve heat tech shirt as the wind is very strong. Well definitely, he is right! In my opinion I am all right with the temperature, but when it come along with the strong strong wind, it is truly freezing. No kidding!

Landing on Iceland soon!

Thanks mum for the muffin and breads to keep us full throughout the long flight journey.

Money changer at Keflavik International Airport.

Shuttle bus that going to drop us at car rental center.

After grab our car from Reykjavik Car Rental which nearby the airport, we are ready on our ring road journey on Iceland!

Our car rental company, Iceland Car Rental.

My 1st impression to the team: ^^

Hybrid (I know him before and he kinda act cool at first as tour guide) - Act Serious King 假正经

Gary - Bright Sunny Boy 阳光男孩

CJ - Book Worm 玉面书生

CK - Low Profile Big Boss 低调富豪

Ying Ying - Crazy Big Sister 傻大姐

Sue Hui - Arale 小云

Jenson - Silencer 沉默术士

Team, assemble~

Fully utilize the boots for our luggage.

VR - D11 rear view.

VR - D11 side view. Damage is reported upfront to prevent penalty when return.

VR - D11 front view.

Here you go our 1st group photo, if I remember correctly before the journey start.

Journey begin!~



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