Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

As a direction guide for the road trip, I proudly dump car rental GPS tool (try at 1st, not user friendly at all!) into drawer and use my own Maps.Me apps for the whole tour!

After around one hour drive from airport, we reach finally our very first stay on Iceland, Reykjavik to be exact, REY apartments.

Now I recall it properly, the Hotel worker damn look like Ashton Kutcher!

The one with the winter hat.

We love the size of the group, it allow us to rent and stay in lots of cottage and apartments that have us interact a lot, and more importantly, felt like at home.

Room of 4.

Room for 2.

Dining table area.

Another room for two.

Kitchen area.

Living area.

Sky window straight in front of my bed.

View from the sky window.

Hybrid going to bring us for our first dinner in Iceland, a famous hot dog stand that is around 15 minutes walks from our apartments.

We pass by some tourist street along the way, which is just nice, not overly crowded, peaceful and warm. (Not the weather, it is freezing!)

Exterior of Rey apartments.

Reykjavik street at night.

Extremely cold on the street.

How advertisement board installed here in Reykjavik to counter the extreme strong wind.

More people on the street nearby to the hot dog stand.

The hot dog stand had been in operation since 1937, and become very popular when former US president, Bill Clinton visiting the stand on August 2004 during UNICEF conference. On August 2006, it even being selected as best hot dog stand in Europe by The Guardian newspaper.

Reach the stand finally~

No indoor seat, have to wait in the queue under freezing temperature, and wind!

Worker preparing the hot dog.

Non-stop queue for the hot dog.

Hybrid did mention to us to buy 2 hot dogs at once to prevent queuing for second one, but I didn't consider his proposal. After I get my first one a bite, I kinda have it finish within a minute! What I did next? Queue up again for my 2nd one, it is really nice!

The price for a single hot dog is at 420 kronur.

Simple, yet delicious.

Check from google, this is one of name of a sauce, guess is their secret recipe.

All other simple ingredient, raw and fried onions, ketchup, and mustard.

On our ways back, we pass by Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre, which we can't miss as it is shining brightly on night time. One of the reason we visited inside, was due to this is also one of a famous tourist spot in Reykjavik, secondly, everyone was freezing on the streets and need some place to warm our bodies. :D

The building looks normal from outside, but its interior is very outstanding and spectacular. There are many locals were in the hall at that time, probably there are many shows on going there. One thing fabulous about local in Iceland, even in winter time, they still able dress up very fashionable, smart, and charming. I think that is how you differentiate local and tourist in Iceland (especially Reykjavik), when those with thick winter coat will be tourist, which is us~

Full of people, dressing smartly attending concert.

Interior was magnificent.

Great piece of architecture works.

Professional photographer in action.

Another view before we back for a good night rest.

Reykjavik - ICELAND


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