Winter Reykjavik Morning Run

I love to explore a city by legs, hence I found that combine with my interest to do some sports, it become my routine to have some jogs in any place on the world, include winter Reykjavik!

It was my first run in this kind of weather seriously, and to prevent any issues and took some advice from fellow travelers, I did dress up myself with multiple layer of clothes before I walk outside. It was 7 AM in the morning in Reykjavik but the sky are still dark, and the temperature is close or equal to 0 degrees out there. I start to warm myself up in a corner that the wind does not blow too strong, and after a while my body got heated, hence the jog start~

Did not bring my camera along, hence just snap some photos with my Iphone 6+ only.

Just around 400-500 meters away from our stay via Rey Apartment, Hallgrímskirkja become my first spot to stop. We did pass through the building when we arrive in apartment a day earlier but we did not stop by to take a good look of it. A very grand church that stood tall at 73 meters, and facing straight onto road of Skólavörðustígur.

Grand Hallgrímskirkja Church in early morning.

The church with Leif Erikson statue, a great Icelandic explorer.

Close up on the entrance to the church.

After a while, I have to make my move as you can't stay comfort there under those weather without continue to get your body heated. I continue my run towards a lake called Reykjavíkurtjörn, and even the night scenery at the lake side is very beautiful. There are also lots of birds and ducks wandering around the lake. Such a peaceful morning. I not see any people jogging this early, but there are lots of cyclist here.

On the way to the lake, passing by a park called Hljómskálagarður.

A view across Reykjavíkurtjörn lake.

A statue sitting on the lake side.... Scare the die out of me....

Next based on my plan, I am on my ways heading towards another famous church in Reykjavik which happen just nearby the lake, Landakotskirkja church. It was a cathedral of catholic church with some unique design, and was formally the basilica for Christ the King.

Based on my maps, the church is visible after this uphill road.

Landakotskirkja Church view from front.

Down hill jog back towards apartment area.

Jog towards apartment area now, and passing by few scenic area and some unique buildings and of course, church everywhere.

Love the quiet but bright street here in Reykjavik.

Dómkirkjan church.

Menntaskólinn í, and oldest junior college in Reykjavik.

Checking the maps and found that I am near to Hallgrímskirkja church again, hence decide to pass by the magnificent church again for another view since sun is rising soon and sky is getting brighter by now.

The sky is getting brighter now.

The long street of Skólavörðustígur, view from the church.

After some distance, turn back to have a view again, truly a piece of masterful architecture.

Another lovely street view of Klapparstígur, directly towards the sea.

It was exactly 4km of run, but it tooks me nearly an hour to complete it as I spend lots of time took photos and enjoying quiet streets of Reykjavik. Once I get near to Rey Apartment and its WIFI connection, I start to receive whatsapp message from my teammate asking if I am still OK outside or not, haha!

Not really a great workout for me but it definitely worth the adventure!

Breakfast of the day!

What you saw in this picture? We just saw our first snow mountain here!

Team are ready to explore Iceland now! Photo credited to CK.

Reykjavik - ICELAND


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