A Mountain Range of Esja

Getting our luggage down from top of the building is quite challenging through series of narrow stairs. The street on the morning is another different view, and there are more and more peoples moving around now, compare to my jog time. But the traffic is still light anyhow, not feeling the stress like we always experience from other metropolitan cities. Luggage board, all team members boarding, and we make our ways to Kronan first to prepare some cookery and ingredients for tonight dinner.

Driver a.k.a tour guide is ready.

CK and CJ with our luggage.

Time to depart~

Just before departed, a very photogenic fat cat on the road side grab my attention. Immediately I took out my camera and walk slowly over to try to snap her photo but rather surprise, she does not scare at all, might as well say, ignore my existence lol.

Doesn't even bother look at me.

Look right.

Look straight.

Tired fat body, let me have a sit.

Finally we depart from Rey Apartment, and again pass by Hallgrímskirkja, seriously, never get bored viewing on this brilliant architecture. Along the way, we saw Harpa again on the road side but is not the concert hall that caught our attention, but again the snow mountain on the background! Everyone keep WoW WoW WoW in the car non-stop when the mountain is visible to us.

Hallgrímskirkja again!

It is the snow mountain that caught our attention, not the Harpa~

After few moments, we reach nearby Kronan branch and suppose everyone went in for shopping, guess what? Few of us saw that same snow mountain from far again and run out to roadside for photoshoot! Took some personal photo, but the mountain is gone when we are focusing on the person.

Snow mountain spotted!

Myself with the blur snow mountain.

Join back the rest to have our shopping list complete and proceed with our daily itinerary. To be honest, nothing is cheap in the groceries shop, even a cheapest raw hot dogs package for 10 is cost around ~10000 kronur if i remember correctly, which was around RM30. Anyhow, self cook is still a best cost effective method to travel in Iceland, with the condition you need to have some one to cook for you and the team!

Thanks Sue Hui, Ying Ying, CK and Hybrid for being our chef throughout the tours!

Team discussing on tonight dinner, spaghetti~

Walking around and looking for best option for each item.

Ok, finally we are ready to leave the city of Reykjavik now, heading east towards the direction of our 1st sight seeing spot of the day, Thingvellir National Park.

Serious driver....

Lots of cyclist around the city of Reykjavik.

Just around ~15km drive from Reykjavik, we pass by a small town of Mosfellsbær and again all the WoW from the team members again. Guess what, it is the nice view of the same snow mountain again! Well, there is advantages of doing self drive, you may stop anytime and anywhere you want, but make sure you have the time keeper and human GPS guidance throughout the journey. I am on that role, hehe.

Finding a space on the right hand side of the road, we park our car and spend around 5-10 minutes enjoy the view.

If not mistaken, it is first rainbow that we seeing here in Iceland, countless later~

CK, Hybrid, Ying Ying, and Gary.

Panoramic photo took using my Ipone 6+.

After a mere 5 minutes straight drive, we turn right in a roundabout to Þingvallavegur Road, and based on maps that i observe, we are officially leaving township area of Reykjavik and welcoming natural wonderland of Iceland country sides. But, just a merely another few minutes of drive, a perfect spot to stop for yet another view of the snow mountain again! Well, we are flexible, and why not spend another few moments enjoying this view that everyone love. Next, the car is stop and here you go.

After back from Iceland, I get to check about this snow mountain exact name and here is information I found, Mount Esja. It is not a single mountain, but a series of volcanic mountain range, made from basalt and tuff. If you are hiking lover, you can consider to take a hike towards the one of the peak from Mógilsá, which is likely a more constructed and public route. From there, you can see the spectacular view towards town of Reykjavik. Due to time constraint we do not make it here this round, but definitely will do so if there are next opportunity at Iceland again!

Jenson with the mountain range of Esja. Photo credited to Hybrid.

CJ with the mountain range of Esja. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Gary with the mountain range of Esja. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Ying Ying with the mountain range of Esja. Photo credited to Hybrid.

CK with the mountain range of Esja. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Sue Hui with the mountain range of Esja. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Hybrid with the mountain range of Esja. Photo credited to me using Hybrid camera lol.

Me with the mountain range of Esja. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Thanks for the back view pose. Photo credited to Hybrid.

We WOW from apartment window when we saw this snow mountain We WOW from the road next to Kronan grocery shop when we saw this snow mountain We WOW and we stop by near roundabout at Mosfellsbær when we saw this snow mountain We WOW and we stop by for photos at Þingvallavegur roadside when we saw this snow mountain

The range of snow mountain that gain most WoW from us, the mountain range of Esja.

Mountain range of esja - ICELAND


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