My 1st Full Marathon Run - PBIM 2016

The day finally is here, although I did have my training regularly but still can't imagine how I can complete the whole 42.195 KM run. After all,

it is still very far from my imagination. Well, there is no turning back now, along with Kim and Finux, we are ready to challenge our self for real.

Finux have completed FM multiple times hence it should be easy for him, but it is like impossible tasks for me and Kim at this moment, when we still doubt if we could do it.

Kim, me, and Finux before the race.

As per my plan, I want to execute my 1st 21 KM distance at around 8-9 minutes pace in order to reduce burden on my legs muscle, and also not affect my heart rate. Hence, I did start slowly, and many others runners simply just overtake me easily. I try to keep up my mentality and strategy, and I glad others did not affected it.

~2 KM mark, last year it is total dark on the Jalan Dr. Lim Chong Eu along industrial area but at least this round it is bright and safe for runners to run.

~ 7 KM mark, pass by Intel campus.

At around ~12 KM mark, we are suppose to make an U-turn below the fly over after Tesco via Jalan Dr. Lim Chong Eu, some where near to Jelutong. I jog over to the left lane in order to head to the U-turn under path, but scary thing appear as two cars coming unexpectedly, and very fast from the fly over heading towards the direction of runners! We shouted at those fellas, not sure if they are drunk or not, but they do still continue to drive along that road, until they are out of my vision. I can heard from far that many others are shouting, and booing on those cars. After i make the U-turn, it seem nothing serious observe from the opposite road, hence I wish nothing tragic happen after all with it. Organizer should really did a post investigation on this as it really put runners life in risk on a suppose to be close road for us!

~14 KM mark, ready to go on bridge.

On the bridge now, meeting Kim around here and we start to move along.

Central of the bridge marks that we completed half of the distance, 21 KM, and we did it in around 3 hours time, which for me, is better than what I expected, considering that I can still walk and jog after this distance. I guess my strategy works, at least at this stage, which I can still focus for my 2nd half of the challenge.

~21 KM mark, finally we completed our half marathon distance at around 3 hours++.

Kim with the bridge at 21 KM mark.

Me with the bridge at 21 KM mark.

Well, things not looking good for me on my ways to Prai, as suddenly my heart rate pump very high and it is hitting around ~210 when I am jogging. Although I am not feeling that bad in actual, but for safety purposes, I have to slow down my pace until I am just performing fast walking. Even so, my heart rate also hitting ~190 by just walking fast!

~27 KM mark, reach Prai end of the bridge.

~30 KM mark, expect to be a quick u-turn back to the bridge but end up taking big turns of 2-3 KM.

Alex, CK, and Nick completed their HM at this time, congratulation brother!

~34 KM mark, ascending to the middle of the bridge now, totally exhausted and my legs is so painful at these time.

When I am thinking of if I really can complete the remaining distance successfully, 6 hours 30 minutes pacers and group of runners pass by, I must say they did a great job in encouraging all runners for not giving up and push our limit to the max. With my condition at that time, I am surprise I manage to keep 3-4 KM run with ~7 minutes pace along the team when I can only barely walk when I am on my own. Thanks pal! (this run with the pacers and group was the fastest average throughout whole FM run for me!)

~35 KM mark, when great leader and teammate bring the best out of you.

~38 KM mark, become very crowded when intersect with runners from other categories.

~40 KM mark, 2 KM to go only! I met with my colleague Ching Hoe and his boy on the road side, and thanks for the support and encouragement that continue to push me!

And finally, I did it! This is an amazing experience and I am glad I overcome the fear to complete this challenge.

Job well done to myself!

Front medal look.

Rear medal look, with the distance craved!

I am proud to become FM finisher, finally.

Maximum HR at 212, I am glad I did not collapsed.

My timing for the race: 6 hours 35 minutes 30 seconds.

Video I took when I reaching the finishing point, memorable still!

Crossing the line!

Took one for Kim as well when he arrived. Congrats brother!

Kim crossing the line!

Penang bridge international marathon - PENANG

november 2016

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