Chasing the Rainbow

We continue our journey and after a while, we saw an open farm at road side, with some Icelandic Horses having leisure times eating grass within the gate. We stop by roadside near the entrance to the farm, and walk over to say hi to these cute horse, or I think we can even call pony as their size is smaller in actual. The size of the gated farm, is extremely huge! It is nearly endless space for the horses to roam around happily, just not like others place when I visited horse, which mostly just stay inside a small shelter area.

Everyone is ready to interact with those horses.

Horse are friendly, just feed them some grass and they are coming over to you~

CJ, our pokemon protagonist with his newly acquired Ponyta~

Ying Ying's turn to feed the horses.

Horse might be saying this guy took a photo with me but did not feed me any grass, damn it!

I will have to get it from the ground on my own.

No worry, let me feed you pal~

Beautiful Icelandic horse and its hair.

Iceland road condition is so well maintained, yet there is not much vehicles on are road. Hence it is not really a big challenge to self drive in Iceland, but still depending on the weather! Anyhow, the weather here is very unpredictable, it can dark raining sky in this minutes, and sunny day on the next.

Soon we get to know that snow mountain and scenery view is everywhere in Iceland! If we are to stop by for every view, for sure we have to do it probably once per every few KMs. Team calibrated and as long as we can kinda reach final destination of the day before night time, then just do it! After all, flexibility is our advantages!

Endless road.

Now we know, snow mountain is everywhere.

A car coming our way.

Heaven light.

Long drive, but never get bored with the view.

We reach a stop which over look on Thingvallavatn, a biggest natural lake in Iceland, within Thingvellir National Park.

Thingvallavatn from afar.

Rainbow saying hi to us.

CK with ​Thingvallavatn.

Jenson & Sue Hui with Thingvallavatn.

Bright smile and act cool.

Getting frenzy~

On our next 10 KM drive to a view point for Thingvellir National Park cliff area (due to time constraint, we did not manage to explore it much), and we are excited that a rainbow was to our left, a very clear rainbow! To extend our excitement, the rainbow keep moving and is like it is running side by side to our car. At one point, we even can witness the other end of the rainbow just in front of us~

Hey, rainbow is there.

We are so near to it, let's chase!

The end is at the front, but what? There is another rainbow at the back, its double rainbow!

Slowly vanished, see u again~

Once we park our car, here it come again~! This time it show us half ring rainbow for a brief moment, vanish very fast due to bright sun light.

Snow mountain, rainbow, and a moving car~!

Half ring rainbow, run with my camera and turn back for 1st take.

Not cover all enough, run for bit again for 2nd take.

Pass the small gate to Thingvellir National Park, and turn again for 3rd shot.

We reach Thingvellir Nation Park view point, which oversee the area from a cliff, and the lake on afar distance. It lies in a rift valley that marks the crest of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the boundary between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates. We only have view from the top, seeing around, then move on already as we stop by many places not in plan today and worried we running out of time to reach home stay before night time lol.

Oh ya, this is also famous as filming location for Games of Throne series!

Stacking stone.

To the left is Europe, and North America to the right, amazing!


Don't ask me where is toilet when you are here in Iceland....

CJ snapping a photo in wonderland.

Journey continue, and we saw a factory that release smoke into the air, i guess we called it pollution. But even pollution is as beautiful as a picture.

1st time seeing so beautiful pollution~

Thingvellir national park - ICELAND


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