Geysir & Gullfoss

We are at the famous Strokkur Geysir, which its eruptions can hurl boiling water up to 15-20 meters high, in every 6-10 minutes as per wiki information. There are lots of other minor geyser and boiling ground spreading all over the place. Even the water that flowing around is kinda warm in temperature.

In order to capture the maximum reach of the geyser eruption, I knee down for around 4-5 minutes during my 1st attempt and keep focus my camera to the top of the eruption, and keep on waiting for the eruption to happen. Still the eruption not happening, hence I just stand up for a while as my leg is really numb, guess what, the eruption happen immediately when I am standing up! Miss the chance for a great photo.

But I realize that I missing the moment to witness the wonder with my own eyes. Hence during second time, I just standing there comfortably with my eyes open widely and waiting for the moment. Surprisingly, it blast continuously for 3 straight times! From the excitement and faces of the crowd around us, we know that we just witness a very rare moment! The moment captured with human best camera, our eyes!

Car park via Geysir Center.

Boiling ground everywhere.

Sulfur smell is not that terrible that what I experience at Ijen.

Water flowing from this boiling ground is very warm.

The road that we walk pass to reach Strokkur Geysir.

Waiting for the eruption....

My failed 1st attempt~

This smile seem like telling us that bench is the best view spot.

And we are standing closely next to the eruption.

Both of them sitting comfortably waiting for the moment.

Litli - Geysir.

Our next destination is Gullfoss waterfall, a landmark also known as Niagara Waterfall in Iceland. It was a 32 metres high double waterfall on the white river of Hvítá. Due to safety concern, we only stand on the edge of the cliff covered with barrier and view it from a distance, yet it did not stop us to feel perfectly how powerful and stunning this waterfall is. The flow of the river from the regular rains and the glacial runoff, particularly in summer, makes it the largest volume falls in Europe.

1st thing that stun us when reach Gullfoss parking, a giant passenger truck!

Magnificent Gullfoss and a slight visible rainbow.

Do you saw the rainbow?

Another view from lower deck.

Mr. tour guide, don't block my view....

Gullfoss waterfall.

What a nice weather to have a sight seeing around this wonderland.

Langjökull glacier is just on opposite end from where we are.

As a GPS directional and time keeper, I check the distance that we need to cover to make it to our stay of the day, Vorsabæ 2, and it seem we have to travel for another 50 KM to reach there. There was a scenario in which we try to take a short cut through Skeiða- og Hrunamannavegur, but just after went in to the road probably for around 200 meters, a car coming in opposite direction slowing down and it seem like they trying to talk to us. I can't recall if they are local or tourists, but they did told us to turn around and take another road as it seem the road is close down due to its condition problem. Thanks to these guys, we manage to correct our path before its too late, and subsequently we do keep informing next car that coming in on the same information as well. How nice this world will become if everyone just being kind and helpful to each other.

Dawn approaching, and everyone start to get tired, while I continue to witness the beauty of the surrounding, never get tired of it.

Dawn soon on the road to Vorsabæ 2.

Peaceful small lake by roadside.

Another unknown mountain during the road trip.

Keep your mind empty and enjoy the view.

It is easy to fall in love which this kind of scenery, everywhere!

Long straight road and we are the only car on it, most of the time.

Next time should try cycling the ring road in Iceland.

Campsite for camper vans.

Sunset incoming.

House that exactly like what we draw during our painting class!

Geysir & Gullfoss - Iceland

October 2016

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