Random Roadside

Just a short drive from Vorsabæ 2, Hybrid suddenly stop the car on a space on the road side when all of us are curious where are we now. We came down from the car, and it was just another random roadside, but it is absolutely a beautiful one. On our side of the road, there is a row of trees, but all its leaves had already dropped, while opposite of the road is a wide infinity flat land. Combine with the great blue sky weather that day, it was easily another stunning view, randomly.

This was some where via Hrunamannavegur road.

Random shot, pure beauty.

Sue Hui ask for the take with the car approaching.

Taking my sweet time to take the shot low from middle of street.

Only averagely a car pass by for every 1-2 minutes.

Beautiful cloud shape.

Gary a.k.a PPP Owen.

A take over an empty street.

Love the photos but it would been perfect if CJ just stand closer. Photo credited to Hybrid.

This was perfect ! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Innovative get away photo! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Journey continue on the road, on our way to Seljalandsfoss, and there are some ring road photos taken just from the car though.

Group of birds flying over the sky.

Another small group.

Very bright sun in this morning.

Our driver have his sunglasses ready.

We have another short stop at around 6 KM away from Seljalandsfoss, at the road of Þjóðvegur. Initially we stop as we saw a flock of sheep eating grass in a farm. Hybrid did told us that sheep are kinda scare of human, hence it seem impossible to interact with them. I did try my luck to walk slowly over to them, but once they aware of my existence, immediately they started to run away from the area. I try to chase and they even run faster, at last I have to give up.

On the opposite road, there is another range of snow mountain is quite faraway, but we are lucky to witness it due to great weather that morning.

Looks closely to your surrounding, you don't want to miss anything valuable in your life.

Don't be shy, fellow sheep.

Argh, they keep running away.

Ying Ying with the sheep.

Sue Hui walks by.

Ying Ying enjoying the view.

Hybrid and the view.

CJ and the view.

Ying Ying and the view.

Gary and the view.

Jenson and the view.

CK and the view.

Sue Hui and the view.

Me with the view. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Never get tired of these snow mountain.

From google map, this range of mountain should be belong to Eyjafjallajökull.

Thumb for a ride please.

Give your best move! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Random Roadside - Iceland

November 2016

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