Seljalandsfoss & Gljufrafoss

Seljalandsfoss is one of the popular waterfall in Iceland, as it is located just next to popular route 1, and for sure the pure beauty of the waterfall itself. One of the most unique feature of this waterfall is you can walk behind the waterfall itself through a small cave and came out from another side.

Simple WoW and stun by the view when reach the car park.

Tourist finding spot for best photo.

The path to the right bring you to the back of the waterfall.

Best of few try of slow exposure shot with hand grip.

Typical tourist photo.

One for CJ too.

Another try on slow exposure take, again with only hand grip.

From far, you can't really witness the power of this waterfall, but when we make our way over walk path to the back of it, the path does not look that easy that it seem to be. The splash of the water is so huge that we have to cover our camera inside our winter coat to prevent it get inner wet. The walk next to the waterfall is the toughest, and when we reach to the back of it, it kinda loose a bit hence we can relax, wipe and dry our camera a bit, then snap some photos from the back view.

Minor rain a bit on that day, no blue sky.

The splash is no joke!

It was unique to view huge amount of water drop from the back of the waterfall.

Not easy to take a good picture here with this level of water splash.

Finally can have a break at direct back of it, lesser splash here.

You need GoPro for these adventure~ Photo credited to Hybrid.

Another peek of Seljalandsfoss after exit the stairs out from the small cave.

OK, here come the next surprise, we know there are a hidden waterfall just nearby from Seljalandsfoss, but we all unsure how 'hidden' it is. From the earlier study, I knew that the waterfall name is Gljufrafoss. We follow signboard towards this waterfall and reach the entrance after around 500 meters of walk. Wow, we can have a sneak peak into the waterfall from outside of the entrance, it is within a cave! But to enter it, we kinda need to step carefully into water with around 5-6 cm high, if step carefully onto those stone. Else, it will be worst as you will fall directly into the river, which probably few feet deep! At last only 4 of us manage to make our self in there as we have appropriate water proof hiking shoes to do it.

We can't help but stunning on the magnificent view inside the cave with this gorgeous waterfall! Although it is not that huge compare to Seljalandfoss but damn we are standing damn close to those splashes! There was a huge stone in front of the waterfall that is perfect to step up and take a photo. Even we standing with our back facing the waterfall, but we still can felt the strong presence of the splash that make it tough for us to stand steadily. I can only say, it was a feeling from another world inside this cave!

The entrance to another world.

But the walk inside is not easy.

Heading our way inside...

Sue Hui in the wonderland.

Her face must be all wet facing the splashes!

Sue Hui and CJ in the wonderland.

Truly masterpiece by the nature.

What you pointing at Hybrid?

Hybrid in wonderland.

Happy face of Sue Hui.

Slow-mo of Gljufrafoss waterfall.

Slow-mo of myself via Gljufrafoss waterfall.

What we felt inside was just this gorgeous waterfall, and once we get out from it, damn, we start to felt the coldness and just to realize that how wet we had become after this adventure! The rest of the gang wait us at a table outside, and we are very lucky that sun shown up at this time, hence we spend some good time taking off those wet gloves and coat (Sue Hui shoes even get wet as she accidentally step into the river on her way out from it), and dry it on the table, while sharing the adventure inside. Before depart to our next destination, we again having fun taking some great colorful group photos together.

So colourful~

Acting cool...

Great great travel pals~

Red, yellow, and green....

We are traffic light!

We make our move and stop by when reach we reach Eyjafjallajokull Erupts Visitor Center, which from wiki is a museum that focus on a family that live just next to Eyjafjallajokull and their life during the infamous eruption in April 2010, which cause disruption to air travel between western and northern Europe for a good six days. But it was not the museum that caught our eyes, but these farmer houses that reside just next to Eyjafjallajokull, my first impression on the view, this was a perfect stay for a retirement life!

Continue the road trip.

Another random mountain.

A random photo took while in car.

Love to stay at one of these houses.

Every morning will be perfect with this view.

Seljalandsfoss & Gljufrafoss - Iceland

November 2016

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