The Crashed DC Plane on Sólheimasandur

The unexpected time spent in hidden waterfall had limit of place of interest to visit for the day, hence after some consideration we decide to move Skogafoss waterfall to early morning on the next day, and we head to a famous crashed DC plane on black sand beach of Sólheimasandur.

Recent day the land owner had close the car entrance through the black sand beach directly to the crashed plane hence nowadays we have to park our car on the road side, and have a 4 KM walks through the black sand to reach the spot. There is no actual signboard on the road side that indicate that we reach the area to park and start our walk, but with proper location plotting, this is isn't a problem to us.

The coordinate on the parking area:

63°29'28.5"N 19°21'48.9"W

We are very lucky on the great weather that afternoon, as Iceland weather are very unpredictable. Throughout our 1-2 hours spend here, it is bright great weather with random strength of wind blow, which is still OK for us throughout the walk. The range of snow mountain pair with the black sand make it another great place for photography.

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3 (finally full roster is in!)

Nice walking path leading to the crashed plane spot.

March of PPP. Photo credited to Hybrid.

With all the laughter and nice scenery around us, the 4 KM walks is not so far and tough to reach. We can see the plane from quite a distance, and slowly walking towards it for the exploration on it. From wiki information, this DC plane belongs to US navy was forced to crash land on Sólheimasandur beach on Nov 24th, 1973. Miracle is all the crew members survive during the crash, and the plane was abandoned here since. Rumors saying that the cause of the crash simply due to the plane simply run out of fuel as the pilot switch to the wrong fuel tank.

The tail and wings are gone.

Interior of the plane.

Another view of the interior.

Right side of the plane is in better shape still.

Rare active face of CJ.

CK with DC plane.

Gary with DC plane.

Jenson with DC plane.

Sue Hui with DC plane.

Hybrid with DC plane.

Front view of the crashed plane.

Detail investigation by CJ.

Around the cockpit of the crashed plane.

Red nose smurf.

However, there is some disgusting moment when we try to setup our stands to take a group photo. What we need was just ~10 seconds for us to have few continuous shot of group photo as a memory here, but there is a wild Indian couple that purposely standing into the frame, blocking us purposely knowing that we are using the stand to took photos! Although all of us are quite fed up with their behavior, but we just rather let them finish their shots, and we just re-do ours. We kind of meeting all nice peoples throughout our Iceland trip, I think this is the only moment that some one make us furious during this trip.

Great place for group photo! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Take 2. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Perfect take 3. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Thanks for the great shot! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Infinity black sands beach, the crashed plane is the only landmark here.

Is time to head back to the car, another 4 KM walks through the black sandy beach again. Never bored with the walks when you can enjoy spectacular view around you.

Great scenery all the way back to car.

Small grassland on the infinity black sand beach, and a bonus snow mountain!

Sólheimasandur - Iceland

November 2016

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