The Magnificent Skogafoss

We depart earlier today in the morning after breakfast in order to slot in a place of interest we miss out in yesterday itinerary, Skogafoss. This was one of the most popular waterfall in Iceland, and even chosen by Lonely Planet as the cover photo for its Iceland travel guide. This was also one of the filming location for Ben Stiller movie, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, in a scene which he and two of his potters walk pass a beautiful waterfall.

Still from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

The morning was not a bright sunny one, but the Skogafoss still give us a chill with its magnificent and stunning appearance. You can keep going nearer towards the fall, as near as you can as it is a flat road towards it. However, be realistic that you want to try reach the nearest as you can, but not until to be hit by the fall, that for sure is ridiculous! I took my moment to try my best, I am all wet on my back but the experience was fun and challenging!

The magnificent Skogafoss from car park.

Sue Hui introduction to Skogafoss.

CK and Skogafoss.

Be brave to take risks, nothing can substitute experience.

We took the stairways on the right of the Skogafoss to witness this wonderful scenery from another view point. We walk pass a wet dirt road slowly to witness another great view point towards Skogafoss, on a cliff. We try to walk further to a cliff corner to take some photos as well, and it looks more challenging that you see from photo to make your way there. Truly nature as its best.

Sue Hui with Skogafoss.

The photos blur some how but still showing the success to reach the spot. Photo credited to Hybrid.

The magnificent Skogafoss.

Hybrid and Skogafoss.

Skogafoss - Iceland

November 2016

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