Welcome to Lambafell

The sky is getting darker when we reach our stay of he day, Welcome Hotel Lambafell. We did discuss earlier if we wanna proceed to explore the mountain pool, Seljavallalaug, and the answer is, why not! Hence once reach the hotel, Hybrid quickly proceed with the check in procedure while the rest of guys quickly unload our big luggage from the car. We are divided into two rooms this round, on the 2nd floor near to the roof structure. With the strength and team work, we get the luggage safely into each room very fast, and with the necessary swim suit with us, we head on to Seljavallalaug now.

A stand alone hotel with various type of rooms.

A small hill facing the hotel. It seem to be a cave up there but too bad I did not have the chance to explore it.

Range of snow mountain on another end of the hotel.

Just around 5 minutes drive from hotel, we reach the parking area towards the pool, and there are few cars already there. We jump down from the car, with minimum layer of protection as we are heading toward a swimming pool for a hot water swim. Although we are excited to explore the pool, but increasing darkness of the sky did worry us a little bit.

The journey towards the pool taking us a walk of around 1.5 KM from the car park area. We met with other fellow travelers during our walks and they said that the water isn't so hot so it is tough to get in there in this cold weather. We said thanks to them for the information, but our adventurous will did inspire to witness it with our own body instead!

On the way to the car park for the pool.

Start to walk towards the pool.

Although not much development on the infrastructure, but the path towards the pool still in good condition to walk on.

Reaching soon.... and is getting dark and darker.

After around 15-20 minutes walk, we finally reach Seljavallalaug! There are already quite few travelers enjoying in the pool, while some of them pack up and ready to go. We did tested the water temperature, well, it still felt some warmness, not too bad instead. Without much consideration, we head over to the changing room and prepare to change to our swim suit. There wasn't any lighting inside the room hence we have to keep the door slight open to prevent a total blackout in there.

Walking with only swim suit on mountain range of temperature close to 0 degree sounds like crazy, but if you have the guts to walk out from the changing room, you will realize that it wasn't that impossible or crazy as you thought earlier. Ying Ying wasn't feel good that afternoon hence she skip the swim session and she volunteer to help us keep our precious on the side of the pool. Next, we jump on into the half warm half cold Seljavallalaug swimming pool and relax our self.

It was still very cold when we first entering the water, but slowly after we get adopted to it, we start to felt relieve and enjoying our swim there. The pool area next to the changing room was a bit chilling as the source of the hot water piping is on another end of the pool. We swim over to that area and hell yeah, the water is much hotter on another end, but be careful that it is deeper there. Due to the time, we only manage to enjoy a short 15 minutes swim in here, and start to head down back to the car.

It was a very special moment to swimming in an open pool next to snow mountain, during an early winter season!

Reach the Seljavallalaug pool finally. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Get ready to try extreme swimming session. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Glad that we manage to experience this. Photo credited to Hybrid.

The walk down was a bit tougher as it is really dark out there, and we need to rely on our phone torch light to lead our way back to our car. The night get colder but luckily the wind is not cruel on us as we only have limited layer covering us. Downhill taking slightly more time but we safely back to our car, and reach back hotel subsequently.

OK, it is dinner time now! Wait a minute, where is the kitchen in the hotel? Oops, problem now, as the hotel does not offer a kitchen for the traveler to be able to cook meals for them self. After some short discussion, we decided to find a nearby restaurant to settle our dinner tonight. Based on the distance and popularity, we choose a restaurant that coincidentally advertise by the Hotel itself as well, Gamla fjósið.

Public living area from second floor.

Towards outdoor, but it total dark out there.

Classic stair design.

Hungry as hell....

Gamla fjósið was a small restaurant around 5 KM away from Welcome Lambafell Hotel, and is offering variety types of western foods specialize in beef. This can be seen with the Cow picture as its logo. There are already quite a numbers of customers in there having their meals when we reached, and we join 2 tables to make a seats of 8. Everyone is very hungry during that time, hence we quickly have our orders and desperately waited for our foods while having night talks as usual.

Nevertheless we did make a right choice to came here for our dinner, as the food was very delicious. The environment is great as well although it does not looks much luxury inside, but felt like we are enjoying dinner in a house of a old farmer friend. The waitress did serve us very good as well, which was additional bonus that improve our dining experience here. Oh yeah, and she take great group photo as well!

Not much like a restaurant, but some random farmer house in Iceland.

Part of the menu.

Chilling Sprite for refreshment.

Delicious fish main dishes that i choose.

Thanks to the waitress for a great group photo.

Back to hotel after a great dinner session, and it started to rain. We make some study on tonight aurora forecast and it is low, hence everyone just get their sweet rest tonight instead of aurora hunting. After all, we are not superman or superwoman, we need to rest as well after tiring day trip.

Every one was freshen after a good night sleep here, and we have a buffet breakfast provided by the hotel staff. While waiting for others, some of us went to explore the surrounding of the hotel, only to find out there was an outdoor pool here! So bad we miss the chance to utilize it!

Outside view from the hotel public living room door way.

It seem CK just did a bad move lol.

The outdoor pool that we did not utilize!

Casual group photo before departure.

Off we go, ring road trip continue!

Welcome Hotel Lambafell - Iceland

November 2016

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