The Magical Field of Green Moss

Reynisfjara was widely regarded as the most impressive black sand beach in Iceland. It also features an amazing cliff or regular basalt columns resembling a rocky steps pyramids, which is called Gardar. Beside the natural wonders, we also realize that the area is also rich of birds population. The waves here is very strong and unpredictable, and one of the waves hit so high to the shores and some of the travelers have their feet wet as they didn't realize it was coming. There are news mentioning about few fatal incidents occur at this beach as well, hence please be extra careful when visiting this area.

The basalt column shape looks like a giant wing.

Amazing basalt columns, resulting from cooling lava.

The Gardar.

Standing on the Gardar for a shot. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Jenson climb up high, with Reynisdrangar on its background. Photo credited to Hybrid.

A cave formed from the basalt columns.

Panoramic view of the Gardar, Reynisdrangar, black sandy beach, and huge wave.

Rich of bird life around this area.

Not sure about the birds species this is, but I know it is not Puffin.

We make a short stop at a southernmost town of Iceland, Vik after the visit of the black sand beach. Main focus here was to visit the famous Víkurkirkja church stand high on a small hill overlooking the town, and also to replenish our groceries for subsequent meals preparation from Kjarval.

Víkurkirkja Church side view.

Víkurkirkja Church front view.

Reynisdrangar and Vik township from the church.

Víkurkirkja Church view from the town.

This was like my primary school house drawing came to life!

Our next destination suppose to be Vatnajokull National Park based on today plan, but we can't resist with an unlimited greenery moss scenery on the road side, near to Kirkjubæjarklaustur. We found a junction which we can park our car, and explore these magical green moss field. Although it is raining that time, but it does not stop us wandering around these very unique platform, which is kinda soft and make you feel like you are walking on clouds. If there are some shades, sleeping on these moss will be great as well!

Ying Ying enjoy at the magical land.

Hybrid searching for a good spot for photo shoot.

Truly magical place to wander around.

Great quality of sleep you can get here. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Standing high to realize these green moss field are almost border-less. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Best effort of group photo under the rain. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Vik - Iceland

November 2016

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