Vatnajökull National Park

Vatnajökull National Park is one of three national parks in Iceland. It encompasses all of Vatnajökull glacier (Europe's largest glacier outside the arctic) and extensive surrounding areas. The unique qualities of Vatnajökull National Park are primarily its great variety of landscape features, created by the combined forces of rivers, glacial ice, and volcanic and geothermal activity. For our today itinerary, we mainly focus on two target, first is Svartifoss and Sjónarnípa.

Every one is aware that these location required some hiking and long walks on mountain path to reach, hence before we reach the destination, all already have their necessary equipment ready.

The view towards Vatnajökull National Park from road side.

Glacier look far away from car park area already make me very excited.

Vatnajökull National Park visitor center.

After registration done in the Vatnajökull National Park visitor center, we start our walks towards Svartifoss. The road condition is well maintained, hence walking on these trails is very much comfortable and relaxing. First 1-2 KM walk is an moderate up hill path, after that it was mostly flat road towards Svartifoss.

What you guys laughing at, CJ and Ying Ying?

Men in blue arriving.

Sweet couple~

The beautiful view from the hill side.

Acorn tree.

Ying Ying having some rest before continue the hike.

Unknown plant with yellowish leaves.

Not much tall trees around the walk paths.

Sue Hui and Ying Ying with the random river view.

Random river.

We already make it quite high to the hill!

Strong Sue Hui make the hike looks so easy.

One of a snow mountain peak seen during our walk.

Another random waterfall.

Hybrid and Sue Hui dancing on top of the hill.

First peek on Svartifoss from far away.

From far, I thought that this will be a random waterfall that we can just spend a little time and move to our next destination, but as we get nearer, the perception did change a lot. Svartifoss is not that stunning as its fall is only 20 meters high, but it definitely the most beautiful waterfall I ever witness in my life. The waterfall, combine with the basalt columns, make the waterfall looks so beautiful and unique. At last, we did pro-long our stays here, but it is all worth after all.

Slippery thin ice on the walk path, be careful.

View from the bridge.

Beauty of Svartifoss.

Most beautiful waterfall I ever witness..

Close up to the drop point.

Beautiful waterfall with unique basalt columns.

Full of negative ion at the drop spot.

Me with Svartifoss. Photo credited to Hybrid.

CJ with Svartifoss. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Gary with Svartifoss. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Ying Ying with Svartifoss. - Photo credited to Hybrid.

Here come the queen of Svartifoss~

Jenson with Svartifoss. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Sue Hui with Svartifoss. Photo credited to Hybrid.

CK with Svartifoss. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Me hibernating with Svartifss. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Look into the sky, calmly. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Hybrid with Svartifoss.

Direct to Hybrid head.

Smile! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Next, we continue our walks towards Sjónarnípa. Me and Hybrid are only persons in the group knowing what are we expected there, while everyone just keep walking non-stop with us to reach the destination. It was a long walk on top of the hill, and the path consists of both minor downhill and uphill. Comparing to the walk path towards Svartifoss, this was tougher by a bit due to dirt road and also quite lots of thin ice which is very slippery. Gary leg suffering little pain hence he is walking slowly, with CK and Hybrid escort him at the back. I lead the rest towards Sjónarnípa, and when I realize we are about to reach there, I stop and suggest to wait for everyone before we move on. As a team, I think to witness the amazing scenery together is kinda important and meaningful. Beside, I also felt it is great to hear the WOW from everyone together!

Thin ice everywhere during our walk to Sjónarnípa.

Wet dirt road awaiting us.

Walking on a hill top without high tree is kinda unique experience for me.

Past by a bridge and a random river.

These water are so clean that we can instantly drink it.

The photo we took before we reach Sjónarnípa together.

The team proceed the walk with a slight uphill and we are about to reach Sjónarnípa. As expected, everyone was truly amaze by the scenery that they witness here, including me and Hybrid although we already expect the outcome! This was the moment that everyone felt that it is all worth to have the long walk here, no doubt about it!

The view of the glacier from Sjónarnípa is simply unbelievable, and in certain extend, was unreal. I just can't get my view off the glaciers throughout my stay here, it was all that amazing seriously! What surprise me more, is there are totally no one else in the area, but only 8 of us. This place seriously need more attention for tourism, it was truly a gem. If it isn't the sky are getting darker, I could just spend my day sitting on the cliff and staring on these marvelous nature wonder.

Video took on this wonderful glacier from Sjónarnípa.

Magnificent view of glacier from Sjónarnípa.


Vatnajökull glacier with the size of three Luxembourg are out there.

Pure beauty of crystal blue glacier.

Floating ice on the tail of the glacier.

Make an adventurous move down the rocky cliff for a photo shoot.

To have a wonderful photo to be taken. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Minion in wonderland. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Minion taking photo of the wonderland. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Ying Ying in wonderland. Photo credited to Hybrid.

CK in wonderland. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Jenson in wonderland. Photo credited to Hybrid.

CK in wonderland. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Salute Gary to reach here although his leg is painful. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Sue Hui in wonderland. Photo credited to Hybrid.

CJ online in wonderland. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Love birds in wonderland. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Behind the scene.

Behind the scene, take 2.

Gary seem went offline standing there enjoying the view.

Tour guide in wonderland.

Staring on those glacier.

Minor rain affecting the photo shooting.

Panorama view took from my Iphone 6 plus.

We took a same path back to the main road that connecting with route to Svartifoss for safety consideration as the sky is totally dark already half way down the hill. Still team stick strong together and we manage to reach the car park together after a long walk together. Based on my garmin fenix 3 record, we did walked for total of approximate 10.5 KM at this national park. No doubt it was exhausting, but we are 100% sure that it worth every effort spend exploring here.

Our stay tonight will be at Hörgsland Cottages, which is another 60 KM from Vatnajökull National Park. There are funny moment when we reach there as the original reception house is being moved to another location, and they stick a paper on the door, guiding us towards the new reception house. However, the wording and sentences used are so confusing, we analyze a while in the car, is like solving a Da Vinci code lol. After all, it meant to be going back to ring road 1, turn left and go until you see next lighting area, that is the destination.

Puzzle of the day.

We divided into two cottages today, and everyone came over to our cottage in preparation for dinner and having fun times together. Today was long day and everyone is really exhausted, the weather is not that good after all, hence we did not spend out night hunting aurora out there but having some early good rest to charge up for tomorrow program.

Ingredient for our tomyam steamboat dinner tonight.

Chef CK and Hybrid in the house.

Only in the morning we can see clearly the surrounding our Hörgsland Cottages, it was totally dark when we reach here with some minor lighting from the cottage. It was surrounding by range of hills as well on its back and the morning is quite refreshing here. The team re-assembly and we off for glaciers walk tour today!

Good morning and it is breakfast time~

Our cottage.

Our cottage as well with our car.

There are many cottages for rent here.

Vatnajökull National Park - Iceland

November 2016

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