Midnight at Vestrahorn Stokksnes

We will be staying at Milk Factory today, a modern newly furnished guesthouse at Hofn. The location is almost the first building to the right once we reach Hofn town. Each room able to accommodate 4 person, hence we again split to two room, side by side. The canteen are just outside our room, but again we only realize that there are no kitchen here for us to do any cooking when we prepare to have our dinner. However, we can still boil hot water at the canteen, and the guesthouse have all the cutlery ready there as well. Finally, we settle our dinner with instant mee combine with penang curry mee and hokkien mee sauces. After dinner, we enjoy tea and coffee, and not sure why, we start to talk and share ghost related story, it was creepy and I can see others are quite frighten, yet they still want to continue listen to it. I think this is why horror movie is so famous, people pay to enjoy this kind of suffering. Tonight aurora forecast is quite positive, hence we let everyone know that we might wake them up during midnight if we spot any.

Entrance to our room.

Double bed on the ground floor.

Double bed on the second floor.

View from second floor.

Ying Ying and Hybrid mixing the sauces for our dinner at Milk Factory canteen.

We wake up in the midnight and Hybrid able to spot the aurora all over the skies just outside our guesthouse. Immediately we wake up others and stay outdoor to witness this beauty wonder of the nature. However, the road light was just too bright, and it just affect us to view the aurora with our bare eyes. Hence, when other are ready Hybrid decide to have a try at a scenic spot nearby, the Vestrahorn Stokksnes.

However, dark clouds start to wandering over when we reach there, not the perfect moment for aurora, but another end is a bright sky with unlimited stars. We drove our car towards Stokkness, and from there we setup our tripod to snap photo of Vestrahorn, while there are still aurora not fully covered by dark cloud. I am amateur in night photography, but I quite satisfied with the result!

Aurora sighted outside Milk Factory.

But the road light is affecting the viewing experience.

It was just too bright.

It was huge area covered with aurora.

A view from Vestrahorn.

Sky full of stars.

Aurora hiding behind Vestrahorn.

A view to the bright sky.

Dark cloud invading.

Vestrahorn view from Stokkness.

Vestrahorn view from Stokkness.

Vestrahorn view from Stokkness.

Vestrahorn view from Stokkness.

Vestrahorn view from Stokkness.

Vestrahorn view from Stokkness.

Vestrahorn view from Stokkness.

Vestrahorn view from Stokkness.

Vestrahorn view from Stokkness.

It was tiring and we continue our rest immediately when we back to guesthouse. It was better as we have buffet breakfast here at Milk Factory hence everyone have slight more time to rest as we no need to prepare breakfast our self. Their home made croissant was so delicious and it is worth to mention for sure!

Milk Factory.

Good morning from Hofn!

Love the sky and the houses, just opposite of Milk Factory.

Bye for now, Milk Factory!

Milk Factory - Iceland

November 2016

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