A Lovely Town of Djúpivogur

Today itinerary plan was kind of relaxing a bit, we did not schedule any hectic or rush schedule, it all following our preference or the feeling when reach certain places. Most of the time, we just find a view point to stop our car by the road side, and just have some walks and sight seeing around. Borrow a phrase from Hybrid, 在冰岛,每个转角都会是一个惊喜. I just can't agree more!

We have a minor stop on junction to Vestrahorn Stokksnes, just before entering to a tunnel. I forget to lower back the ISO configuration of my camera back to day light range after yesterday night aurora shot, hence all the photos took here have lots of noise. Luckily this is realize before we continue the journey from here.

Tunnel to another side of Iceland.

View towards Hofn.

CJ viewing at Hofn.

Part of Vestrahorn with Ying Ying.

Hybrid and Sue Hui under bright sun light.

Truly bright morning, yet chilling.

This could be great without the noise... err...

Maybe device to detect the wind direction and strength... I am not sure though

Casual view, only house in an area with its own mountain.

Natural scenic, just on the road.

Desert look alike mountain on the left.

It looked so smooth.

Finally, discovered the setting on ISO....

It would be very challenging to try hike these kind of hill.

It was like multi layer mountain with different color.

Never know time lapse can be so much fun!

Don't think we we know what we try to tell here. Photo credited to Hybrid.

This was another lovely seaside that we stop by, beautiful half dark and half blue sky by the sea. Sitting and laying on these stones without doing anything was so great, with these kind of view around you.

Hybrid capturing his shot.

Very heart warming, relaxing view.

It was just another random view next to ring road, that might be unique to us only, who know.

Hybrid with the view.

Jenson with the view.

Ying Ying with the view.... Wait.... and a photobomb....

Ying Ying with the view, photobomb is gone... lol

Gary took a picture of me, laying lazily on the stones.

Sue Hui with the view.

With her cape as well.

She is getting colder.

Continue some distance by the sea.

Beach from high up the road.

Iceland weather keep changing non-stop unexpectedly, moment ago it started to get dark like it gonna rain, and just a blink of eyes we are with this pure blue sky!

Different view on the road.

Sky was so blue, and the snow mountain was just beautiful.

On the road.

Doesn't see much car along the journey today.

Our car shadow on the road!

Sue Hui: Looks, it is toblerone!

Toblerone alike snow capped mountain.

Just love the weather and surrounding so much.

Another small hill, with desert like slope.

We traveled almost half of the distance as per plan today, hence we decide to stop by a small town, Djúpivogur before we continue the rest of the journey. It was a very lovely and beautiful small town, with a small port by the seaside with lots of boats. We stop our car and everyone moving around to explore this place. My first sight was a small rocky hill on the back of a small restaurant, Við Voginn, it seem to be a great place to oversee the whole area. It was proven that my instinct was correct, the panoramic view of the small town from top was just marvelous. We even joke that this is a very ideal place for retirement life.

A church guiding entrance to Djúpivogur.

On the road to center of the town.

Hotel Framtid by the port.

Port of Djúpivogur.

Lovely view from the rocky hill, everyone is still down there exploring around.

Colorful houses around the town.

Another side of the town.

Me with beautiful Djúpivogur. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Ying Ying posing for photography.

Simple and lovely town.

Love this panorama so much!

The lovely town of Djúpivogur.

Team on another side of the hill.

So awesome to be here. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Design of the building was so simple, yet so nice.

Another view on the port, and boats.

The small hill where we enjoy epic view of the town, on the back of Við Voginn.

Great view with the snow capped mountain as background.

Kids off school, only few off them.

Æðarstein Lighthouse.

Before we depart from Djúpivogur, some of us went in to Við Voginn to use their toilet. I went in for a view in there, and thinking of buying some foods to try and share with the team. At last, I choose a Chicken Pita, and CK order a french fries. We chit chat along with the chef, and I asked about whether we can see puffin birds nearby, and the answer is yes, but this is not the season. Summer will be great season if we want to witness this cute sea birds, as they are migrating to warmer sea during winter. Before we say bye to the chef, he told me a phrase that kind of shock me about puffin, which is 'They are very delicious!'

It looks like these cute seabirds was a signature meal here in Iceland.

Menu of Við Voginn.

French Fries of Við Voginn.

Chicken Pita of Við Voginn.

Hope I have chance to meet these cute puffin in the near future.

Next phase of our road trip was along Berufjörður. Berufjörður is a fjord in Eastern Iceland. It is about 20 KM long and 2 to 5 KM wide. The town Djúpivogur is located on its western shores. Mountain Búlandstindur which is 1,069 meters above sea level is located west of the fjord. We are basically surrounded by stunning snow capped mountain all around us during this phase. Sue Hui suddenly describe that those mountains are actually looks like Toblerone logo, which all of us agree with that!

Continue our journey from Djúpivogur.

A magnificent range of snow capped mountain.

Closer view of these Toblerone logo.

The peaceful Berufjörður.

The place we parked our car.

CK start to wander around.

Dining table on the road side.

Wreck of seabirds on the shore.

We were so tiny in this gorgeous world. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Gorgeous snow capped mountain with beautiful layer. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Nice place to empty your mind and just relax.

Some one try to mimic Walter Mitty skateboarding.

In fact actually he hardly move at all lol.

Last peek of Berufjörður scenic.

We stop by Streitisviti Lighthouse after we done circulating Berufjörður area, just to have a view of it from some distance, along with endless ocean view. It was a 12 meters high hexagonal lighthouse with black and white alternating vertical stripes.

We continue our journey after a short break here, and originally we plan to take outer road along ocean to reach Egilsstaðir after pass by small town of Breiðdalsvík, but due to time constraint we change the plan to take the mountain path instead. We don't have enough time to explore Seydisfjordur as well, one of the filming location for Walter Mitty movie, but that's all right, there will never be a perfect trip along with planned itinerary, some time we just have to be flexible and make on the spot judgement on correct decision to make. I am glad that whole team are align and we are good!

Perfect ocean view from the road side.

The Streitisviti Lighthouse.

The wave are huge.

To the right of the lighthouse.

Act cool time again, team PPP~ Photo credited to Hybrid.

Team decision, to follow the mountainous path of ring road to Egilsstaðir.

Hope all is all right, as the sky get darker.

Thick mist awaiting us on the higher ground.

Djúpivogur - Iceland

November 2016

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