First Snow of My Life

With the sky getting darker and the mist getting thicker, I am quite worried on our decision to take the mountain route even though the distance is for sure shorter, but I just stick to team decision without any objection on that at this moment. While he heading towards higher ground on Þjóðvegur, slowly and slowly, I can see it is start to rain from outside of the window. However, I felt a bit curious as the rain drop seem fluffy a bit and bigger than usual. My curiosity lead me to reel down the car window and put my hands out there to feel it, and gosh, it was snowing out there! Prior to this, me and some of the folks in the car never experience snowing before, suddenly all the worry has gone even though it is more dangerous driving in snowy condition, but who care! Immediately on a corner next to a small red house, we find a space to park out car and witness this surprise out there!

It is snowing out there~

Snow flowing from mountain area~

Just a sudden we are in a white fantasy.

So happy with this sudden surprise.

Seem to be just start to snow, as it is not thick at all.

Our journey to continue towards this direction.

Our dirty car in the white fantasy.

Cute red shelter house, the Stefansbud.

Panoramic view of surrounding, there is a lake down there.

Even though it is damn cold out there, but the moment is so priceless to us that we just ignore about our physical coldness.

Slow-mo snow flakes flowing from the sky~

Hybrid with the Stefansbud.

CJ with the Stefansbud. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Sue Hui with the Stefansbud. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Me enjoying my first snow encounter. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Ying Ying enjoy her snowing moment as well. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Gary act tough still, but he is damn cold there~ Photo credited to Hybrid.

CK as usual, roaming around enjoying the moment and takes a lot of pictures quietly. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Due to earlier delay and this sudden surprise, we have to skip our visit to Seydisfjordur. We continue our journey under these white fantasy and after a while we start to down hill from this area. We say goodbye to this white fantasy for now.

We reach town of Egilsstaðir after approximate 30 minutes of slow ride due to windy weather. We waited a while for our Airbnb host to arrive and pass us the key to our apartment today, AtHome Apartment. It was a 3 bedrooms apartment at ground floor with a large living hall, kitchen and a big dining table to accommodate 8 of us together.

Room for 2 欢喜冤家~

Room for 2 sweet couple~

Room for 3~ But me and Hybrid end up rest on the living hall which is equally comfort.

Toilet area, washing machine and dryer on the other end.

Our huge living area with garden view at the back.

A wooden house view from the back of our apartment.

The wide view from the area.

Before the dinner, me and Jenson with shorts and dry fit shirt going out for a jog around town of Egilsstaðir. We definitely looked weird as there is no one else dress up like this at all around the town. Our initial plan was to jog for around 5 KM but the weather are extremely cold and it is getting darker with minor rain, hence we have to quickly back to the apartment after a mere 2 KM run. The weather should be under 0 degree if I remember correctly, i think we can call our self crazy for doing that. :D

On a random roadside on town of Egilsstaðir.

Lyngas guesthouse.

Along Fagradalsbraut.

A random building on the road side.

Íslandsbanki, a bank on opposite road.

After a short rest, we are ready for our dinner! While preparing again we try to capture time lapse video of us around the living area and also while us having our dinner. It was lots of fun!

Living area~

Getting ready for our dinner~

The hunger king is here~ :P

Setting up my phone for time lapse video.

Dinner time~ A bit misalignment :(

This was one of the many reason why I love travelling, sometimes you doesn't need to keep looking for point of interest to visit. With group of great people sharing laughter and journey together, a day without any major travel spot is still a very wonderful and memorable journey.

Like our normal routine, after wash up everyone sitting around the living hall continue to sharing laughter together, then go for a rest to continue our journey again tomorrow.

Good morning from PPP via AtHome Apartment! We are ready for another brand new day in Iceland!

White Fantasy via Þjóðvegur - Iceland

November 2016

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