Land of White Fantasy

Funny moment this early morning when we went to Egilsstaðir petrol station to refuel petrol, as our sliding door are frozen and the lid can't be open! The sliding door somehow need to be open before the lid can. It was kind of panic to all of us with this scenario, and luckily after few tries from us, we finally manage get the sliding door, and proceed with the refueling. The weather must be so damn freezing on yesterday night, that nobody was aware.

We continue our journey on Þjóðvegurand from far we can see lots of snow capped mountain from far away. We follow the path and soon there is an uphill route that lead us higher nearer to it.

Wasteland around us with snow capped mountain far from us.

Good morning from PPP!

A take under shadow.

A take under shadow with full roster. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Continue our road trip.

Another random waterfall.

Uphill road at the front.

Our Hyundai Starex moving with us.

Estimate rough climb of 100-150 meters high.

Unexpectedly, the whole area is covered with snow, and it is all white all around us, is just like a land of white fantasy! Now only we know there must be a snow a night earlier that created this white fantasy land for us. The white fantasy land and bright sun allow us to playing around in this area without suffering too much coldness, and it was so comfortable and fun!

First peek of the white fantasy land.

Snow land under bright sun.

We eager to find a place to stop our car and found one at the junction in front.

Road to continue.

Snow everywhere!

My foot print.

Our natural toilet~

The road we came from.

Sue Hui attempt to taste the snow~

Getting ready to.....

Lay down and empty my mind~

After laying down on the snow and wandering around, felt that my yellow winter coat was so heavy and start to felt a bit hot due to sun light, hence taking it off. Felt more flexible to play around!

Taking off my heavy winter coat.

If there are chances, would love to try winter run event. Photo credited to Hybrid.

A run on the white fantasy land. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Snow capped grass.

A frozen river, with water still flowing beneath it.

CJ preparing for snow ball fight.

CJ throwing snow ball to the air. Photo credited to Hybrid.

CJ in action!

Photo shooting for skateboarding shot.

Road to continue later on.

Junction area where we stop our car.

My skateboard take 1.

My skateboard take 2.

My skateboard take 3, manage to stand on it finally.

My skateboard take 4, cheers!

Some one throw a perfect snow ball when Gary make his pose lol.

We spend roughly around 30 minutes wandering here before proceed with our journey. Unexpectedly we continue to surround by this white fantasy land for a very long drive, it was so huge!

We saw a very photogenic mountain, with total white under the sunbeam. It can be seen from very far away, and slowly we getting near and next to it. We stopped by and have a good look from closer range and it was so magnificent under bright sun light. We name it super white, 超级白 in mandarin. :p

Continue our road trip.

You are my super woman~

You are my super woman~

Super white from far away.

A red car pass by us.

Endless snow land.

Getting nearer to super white.

There are many frozen lake scatter around.

Looks like we are next to it after few more turns.

If we have time, we should explore whole area slowly, it must be many hidden view scatter around.

Another slight uphill.

Our car with the super white.

To the left was also another beautiful mountain covered with snow.

Shadow of our car with super white.

Finally full view of it.

It is really super white!

Mountain opposite super white.

Sue Hui with the super white.

Shade from mountain to the right.

纯粹喝 ambassador.

纯粹喝 ambassador.

My phone on the ground taking time lapse video.

3 huge trucks pass by~

Direction to continue our journey.

Sue Hui with the Super White. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Thanks to a Singaporean helping us with group photo. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Thanks to a Singaporean helping us with group photo. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Saying goodbye to super white, and we continue our drive towards Myvatn lake direction. On the road there are many other beautiful mountain as well which slightly covered by mist, and it was so beautiful. Those photos are only capture directly from car while moving, yet it is still an excellent output.

Suddenly the mist become thicker and our direction need us to drive through it. Driving in Iceland mean you have to get ready with this kind of circumstances, we just keep calm and move on.

It was really an unexpected long drive of unlimited snow land.

Another random mountain.

Thick mist on lower ground make the mountain looks like floating.

Sudden thick mist.

Mist fading and there were some vision of incoming beautiful mountain.

Combine with the lower mist, it was so unreal.

Very beautiful random mountain along the road.

It was so gorgeous.

Long drive is not tiring at all with this scenery around.

It must be very cold up there.

Still I wish I can explore up there.

Another random roadside.

Incoming dark thick mist.

Only path is to move forward.

Vision is very low throughout this thick mist.

After a while we finally get rid of bad weather and again it was bright sunny day. We start to go downhill and it was still snow covering the land although it is getting lesser by a bit. We cancel our side itinerary to Dettifoss, to cover up the unexpected delay throughout this journey. I make a rough draft on map and we cross the distance of around 90 KM fantasy white snowy land, and it is all worth!

Finally the mist is fading and we are going downhill.

Bright sunny sky is back~

Pass by a bridge.

Covered snow is getting thinner on the grassland.

Beautiful sky.

26 KM more to reach Myvatn.

5 minutes to capture some photos, is only me and Hybrid went down.

There is another range of beautiful mountain at the front.

Another photogenic mountain.

Beautiful blue sky.

Those lower mist are so unique.

Only the top are visible from here.

Land of White Fantasy - Iceland

November 2016

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