Hell's Kitchen

Hverir is a hot-spring area at the base on Námafjall mountain, which is right in the middle of a geothermal area. The mountain is hot and the snow melts much quicker on Námafjall. There is a collection of steam fumaroles, some bubbling mud pots scattered all around Hverir area, and is sometimes called as Hell's Kitchen. The area are full of sulfur smelt all the way around, but compare to experience in Ijen, this is much more better and not that bad to move around, not even need a mask.

It look like huge fire from far away.

Námafjall mountain covered with mist.

Getting closer to Hverir.

One of the boiling mud pots.

Very smoky environment.

Very bright sunlight.

PPP getting nearer to boiling mud pots for exploration.

Fumaroles scattered all around.

One of the boiling mud pots.

The surrounding of Hverir, the Hell's Kitchen.

Very otherworldly environment.

Explanation on how these boiling mud pots is being formed.

Although very smoky but wandering around is not an big issue here.

Felt like we are not at earth.

One of the fumaroles at Hverir.

Iceland indeed was a land of fire as well.

Try with minimum aperture due to bright sun light.

Take two of the shot, special output.

Take 3 of low aperture shot.

Time lapse video via Hell's Kitchen.

Close look on the fumaroles.

At first I thought that this was the only geothermal area in Myvatn, but it came into surprise when we surpass another end of Námafjall mountain. We stop by a view point for our lunch, sausages and breads as usual, but with magnificent otherworldly view of Myvatn Lake with countless fumaroles scattered around the lake! For a split second, I thought that the whole area are actually on fire.

Today is another day with great weather.

Rainbow on the sky.

Reference map around Myvatn lake.

Great view on Myvatn Lake, it looks so peaceful.

Fumaroles to our right.

CK taking photo of countless fumaroles to the left.

Cloud shape are so fantasy.

Countless fumaroles, with Hverfjall at the back.

Closer view.

Close up on these magnificent fumaroles.

Love this view so much.

The road we came from, still remember it was a lovely weather.

Me with the lovely view.

Doesn't it look like fire on the ground?

After the lunch we stop by for a less than 30 minutes at a natural hot spring known as Grjótagjá, a stunning cave pool. Beside the natural beauty, it was also famous for being used as the secret sex cave where Jon Snow sealed his deal with Ygritte, in the Game of Thrones Season 3 episode Kissed by Fire.

The Grjótagjá.

The water temperature is quite hot.

Hi CK and CJ from another entrance.

Entrance A to the cave.

Team PPP in Grjótagjá.

Fissure on top of the cave.

Distance between two entrance.

Entrance B to the cave.

We skipped initial plan to hike Hverfjall, a tephra cone or tuff ring volcano that having elevation of 420 meters and taking the road along Myvatn Lake to continue our journey toward Akureyri. However, the beauty scene along the lake did convince us to find a good spot nearby to slowly enjoy the scenery around Myvatn Lake. From MAPS.ME application I try to search around and found a garden like place just few KM away from our location, without much choices left and limited time, we decided to explore that garden before conclude our visiting in Myvatn area.

Fumaroles still everywhere.

Road alongside Myvatn Lake.

Hverfjall from the road.

The shape looks like a stadium.

Beautiful days with great weather.

The surrounding is briefly covered with snow.

Sneak peak on beautiful Myvatn Lake.

Hverir - Iceland

November 2016

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