The Secret Garden of Höfði

The parking at Höfði only have few one more car before us, and for a slight second we are wondering if we have chosen a suitable place for a good view over Myvatn Lake, but at this stage we have to proceed with this agreed plan. The gate seem close but it is not locked, hence we start to walk in to the garden.

Once we step inside the garden, we found that there are a lots of naked trees around with well maintained walk path. It looks so fantasy with the ground, trees, and surrounding are scattered with snow, which make it all white everywhere. There are few different walk path and i try to remember the route that we took in order to try cover all the path. We met fellow travelers which we believe is the owner of the only car out there and they truly recommend to spend some time to walk inside as it is very beautiful. Indeed, we really glad we spend time here as it is truly beautiful inside!

The entrance to the secret garden.

Love the walk path so much.

It was much more impressive to view this on the spot.

The scenery is truly unreal. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Red flowers on the tree.

Continue our walking.

Sue Hui posing during the walk.

PPP in Höfði.

The sunlight make our walks here more comfortable.

It looks like a maze in here.

It was only us in the garden at that time I guess.

Keep on walking and enjoying the unreal scenery.

I must be very cold while walking in this garden lol.

Plant covered with snow.

Plant covered with snow.

After a while we reach a platform with a big green Christmas tree which offer us with another stunning view of Myvatn Lake. The lake water is so clean that we can see the bottom of the lake clearly, although it is not very deep.

One of few green tree in the garden.

Partial snow ground, found it more beautiful.

Such a beautiful view.

Ying Ying enjoying the view. Photo credited to Hybrid.

CJ taking photo of beautiful view. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Continue our walk to the left, we came from the front.

Taking the photo of the great walk path. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Most of it was naked trees in here.

Can you see the snowflakes?

Posing on a big tree. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Continue our walking.

Sue Hui posing on the walk path. The lake is to the left.

A view high up, breathtaking.

We reach another view point that show us some extraordinary stone pillar scattered around the lake. The calm lake make the reflection look so perfect. I did some study on this place after back from Iceland and found that those are actually lava pillars and the place is called Kálfastrandavogar.

Kálfastrandavogar lava pillar.

Kálfastrandavogar lava pillar.

Crystal clear water.

Beautiful reflection.

Calm and peaceful scenery.

Me via Kálfastrandavogar. Photo credited to Hybrid.

CK with the view.

Continue our walk quickly, we over spend our time here!

This two are acting romantic.

I am sorry~

The true romantic.

What are u doing CJ? >.<

CJ on Kálfastrandavogar lava pillar.

Ying Ying on Kálfastrandavogar lava pillar.

Another view point, note that the area to the right is private area.

Snow capped plant with the beautiful lake.

We continue our walk and having some photos on a long straight walk path, we know we overspent our times here, but who won't, it is just so beautiful in here!

Sunlight ray make the snow ground become yellowish.

The long straight walk path.

I take photo of the team.

While Hybrid took mine~ Photo credited to Hybrid.

While Hybrid took mine~ Photo credited to Hybrid.

I checked on my map and it seem we have take a full round over this garden but it seem we unable to find any spot to have a panoramic view over this beautiful lake. While we using same road to get back car park, Hybrid discovered a staircase that lead the way up high. I am very excited and eager to find out what the walk way lead us, hence I quickly run up and the reward is there. I thought other felt tired and cold, not willing to come up anymore but they also sense that the view is nice hence everyone is here. This remarkably marks the end of our great adventure over this secret garden, definitely a very memorable one.

Hybrid found the staircase path up high.

View from highest spot of the garden.

The view toward the right.

The view toward the left.

Straight view from the view point, extremely beautiful.

Ying Ying via Myvatn Lake view.

Gary via Myvatn Lake view.

Me and Sue Hui via Myvatn Lake view. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Me via Myvatn Lake view. Photo credited to Hybrid.

The Secret Garden of Höfði - Iceland

November 2016

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