Red Sky of Dawn

Looking at the time, we know that we need to rush in order to reach Akureyri before the sky turning dark. Only two more plan stopover to go, hence it should be still all right, hopefully. :)

Continue the road trip toward Akureyri.

Snow covered grass.

Residential area by the lake.

Thin ice on the lake with shadow of our moving car.

This has so much feel of a road trip~

Say hi to the car coming our way~

Came across another big lake.

The name is Másvatn Lake.

Another peaceful lake by the ring road.

Never get bored with the scenery on the road.

Sunlight is covered on the residential side by opposite mountain.

Our 1st stop over was at Goðafoss waterfall, which the meaning in Icelandic was waterfall of the gods. The wind blow was so strong when we reach the parking area, and the ground is quite slippery as well. Due to bad weather condition, we only stopover here for a brief view of the falls for a rough 15 minutes.

Not having a good photo of Goðafoss due to the rush.

Another view from bottom view deck.

Our 2nd stopover was just few minutes drive away from Goðafoss, the Ljósavatn Lake. This was Hybrid secret scenery view point in which during a calm weather, we can see an almost perfect reflection of the mountain onto the river which make it a spectacular photography spot. However, the time when we are there, the sky is a bit dark hence we do not able to see the perfect reflection, but I can really imagine how great it would be when the weather is right here! Maybe next time!

I can imagine how great this secret view point is when the time is right.

Thanks Hybrid! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Can you see the only small house in front this huge mountain range?

Just a bit more ride in car, we witness a very beautiful reddish dawn color of sky, and the color reflected to the snow capped mountain far to the right from our car. The view really stun me and I just can't take my eyes off this view. We are lucky enough for able to witness this for a brief 5 minutes of ride in car.

Finally we saw Eyjafjörður fjord in from of us, it indicate that we are already very near to Akureyri. Eyjafjörður is the longest fjord in Iceland which having length of 60 KM. We came in from the eastern side of Eyjafjörður, and Akureyri is to the west.

Look at that sky....

Beautiful snow capped mountain.

It was truly beautiful.

Unreal color of the dawn.

Opposite flat mountain range looks like it is cut horizontally.

Eyjafjörður fjord.

West coast of Eyjafjörður fjord.

Akureyri town opposite of the fjord.

Pass by the fjord.

At last we manage to reach Our Guesthouse in time, before the sky turn all dark. It was a long ride day, and everyone eager to have some rest and food to charge up!

Our Guesthouse.

Street of Akureyri.

Front view of Our Guesthouse.

Visible moon at dawn.

Ljósavatn Lake - Iceland

November 2016

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