City of Love - Akureyri

We waited a while for the owner to pass over the key to us, and then to realize that our room was at the top of the building. Yeah, it mean we again have to carry our big luggage along with us again. Anyhow we volunteer to help on this as some of us can't really help much in the kitchen, other than washing the cutlery.

Huge living area in the guest house.

Complete kitchen area.

Our dining table, the door at the back lead to balcony.

Very nice lighting effect.

Display cupboard.

As usual, third room are just below the roof.

The fold-able staircase to the top room.

Toilet area.

Queen size bed room for sweet couple.

Single bed for the rest of us.

The third room on the top.

Tonight dinner~

After the satisfying dinner, we went to a famous ice cream shop at Akureyri, Brynja. I forgot the actual price but it is not cheap. However, it definitely worth a try as the taste is so damn good, especially the taste of the milk, it is so satisfying. Don't look down on the size of it, most of us can't even finish a single cone, it might be normal in size but it is pretty heavy! Unforgettable moment is to eat the ice cream outdoor, if I remember correctly, -3 Celsius during that time.

Famous Brynja ice cream shop.

It was very satisfying.

Cool to have an ice cream under -3 Celsius outdoor.

Most of the folks are shaking in the car after the chilling of ice cream in winter, hence they did not went down to have a clear look on Glerárkirkja church nearby. It was only me and CK who walk a round over this church, which looks like a rocket that is ready for its launching!

Entrance of Glerárkirkja.

View of Glerárkirkja that looks like rocket for me.

Some of us feeling tired after a long day, hence we drive the car back to our guest house. Few of us continue to spend some moment wandering around the streets of Akureyri, and also the famous Akureyrarkirkja church which is just walking distance from our stay.

Shopping street of Hafnarstræti on the opposite road.

Shining Akureyrarkirkja church.

Close up look on Akureyrarkirkja.

The look to the street in front of Akureyrarkirkja.

Sweet couple with the LOVE car.

Indeed it is a LOVE-ly town!

The street is rather quiet compare to Reykjavik.

A castle like shop.

Went to a book shop for some window shopping, and trying their local coffee. I ordered a Chai Latte and would love to spend some time sitting in there to enjoy my hot coffee. The pretty barista did ask me if I would like to have it here or take over, of course I reply her having here, but her next sentence replied to me was 'But we are going to close in one minute' LOL! Hence, I end up enjoying my hot coffee at the guesthouse living area.


My Chai Latte.

Good morning from Akureyri~

*Remarks: Other than the car with LOVE plate, the other reason why I call Akureyri a city of love was their unique traffic light signal for Red! Looks closely, it is a heart sign!

Lovely traffic light!

Akureyri - Iceland

November 2016

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