Space Oddity

This morning we take a backward path for a rough 30 minutes drive, just to stop by and have a visit on a small town of Stykkishólmur. Well, what is so special in this town you may ask? For us, it was because this town was one of the filming spot for 2013 Ben Stiller movie, the Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was truly one of the most motivating movie I have ever watch and it really inspire me to live life to its fullness. The scene are scripted as Greenland in the movie but is actually filmed here in Stykkishólmur.

Greenland bar scene in Walter Mitty. Photo credited to Hybrid.

The road where Walter Mitty drove by with his rented red car.

Location of the bar and the road.

A restaurant in the town of Stykkishólmur.

Small harbor in the town of Stykkishólmur.

A yellow minion!

Port view of Stykkishólmur.

It was a souvenir shop nowadays.

YK... my car~

A hotel by the port.

Bokaverzlun Breidafjardar.

It was still a charming building even if it is not featuring in the movie.

Another hotel in the town.

An antic water pump.

Thanks to Walter Mitty for inspiring my life.

Space Oddity (David Bowie + Kristen Wiig) - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

We drove a little to another end of the town over the port to have a walk over Súgandisey. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view over town of Stykkishólmur, and endless view of ocean over another end. As a bonus, there are also a very scenic lighthouse stand high on the top of the place as well. The wind blow are extremely strong up high, but it was a great place to visit if you are here in Stykkishólmur.

A huge ship stop at harbor front.

Súgandisey signboard.

Sue Hui and the stair to Súgandisey.

Gravel road to the top.

View over Stykkishólmur.

View over the ocean.

Direction over to Brokey islands.

Walking down to the cliff corner.

Due to extreme strong wind, I am the one walk down here.

My leg was shaking badly while waiting Hybrid took this photo. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Glad to be brave to try. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Scenic lighthouse.

CJ in offline mode again lol.

CK with Stykkishólmur town as background.

Ying Ying posing with Stykkishólmur town.

PPP group photo via Súgandisey. Photo credited to Hybrid.

PPP in a line.

Lovely couple with scenic lighthouse.

Keep the sweetness going!

Stykkishólmur - Iceland

November 2016

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