Soccer with Gabriel

We have a short break at the grocery shop at Grundarfjörður again before proceed with our plan for the day. Today is not a rush day, but unfortunately the weather is not getting that nice to us still. I miss the opportunity to hike on Kirkjufell mountain, a very scenic mountain near to Grundarfjörður. Well, as I said before, there is no perfect plan, hence we need to be grateful no matter how to be in this journey together. The priceless moment is the travel experience.

We have a stop over at a small town Ólafsvík, with original plan to visit a modern church there, Ólafsvíkurkirkja. Then I saw a waterfall at a small hill at the back of the town, hence myself alone requested for a short moment to run over and have a quick look on it as no one else want to follow. It was an unnamed waterfall in the town of Ólafsvík, but it is not bad at all. Met a fellow Spanish traveler which also walking alone there as no friend want to came over, have some chatting along and helping each other for photo.Everyone should be waiting for me by this time, hence I quickly run back to our car, but no one is there. I try to scan through surrounding and found that everyone is playing soccer with an Icelandic kid in a futsal field. Of course I jump in and join the fun! We having so much fun playing around with this kid and get to know his name is Gabriel. We took some photo with Gabriel and also handling over some Malaysia coins as a token of appreciation and souvenir for him. I did told him that I am looking forward to see him in Iceland squad competing in Euro 2024, as he is only 10 years old now!

Very nice chocolate milk.

Postbox in groceries store.

Blur Kirkjufell mountain, will conquer you next time!

Seabirds by the shore.

Trying to have a close encounter with those sea birds, but they fly off immediately when aware that I am around lol.

A toilet perhaps?

Ólafsvíkurkirkja church.

Another modern design church.

Unnamed waterfall at the back of the town.

Just a brief moment of the day, I can see a clear blue sky.

It had been some days before we having this clear sky.

A very beautiful, yet unnamed waterfall.

View over to the town from the waterfall.

Jenson and Gabriel having fun on the field. Photo credited to Hybrid.

This kid have skill! Photo credited to Jenson.

See you in Euro 2024, Gabriel! - Photo credited to Jenson.

The weather turn ugly again after we just left Ólafsvík, perhaps the weather really want us to accompany Gabriel to have some great football time together as he is just training alone there. Our plan was to visit few lighthouse along the cliff but end up we only manage to make it to Ingjaldshólskirkja church and Londrangar cliff, for barely short stop each due to very strong and cold wind. A plan visit to Fjöruhúsið Cafe as well is not success that day as it is not open, for an unknown reason because there isn't any notification at the restaurant. Everyone is exhausted because we expose under heavy wind and rain a lot today, hence perhaps early check in to our home-stay is not bad idea at all.

Unique road colored with unknown reason.

Red and then green.

Small road towards Ingjaldshólskirkja church.

More classic architecture build type.

Cemetery ground beside the church.

The writing had become very blur, somehow unreadable.

Stone artifact of a man and a woman.

This is signboard we saw a lot during our road trip, finally we understand that it marks the end of a town region.

A giant tower that can be seen from very far away.

Closer look up, it should be a power generator structure.

Blur photo took from Londrangar due to strong wind and rain.

The two ways walks distance is around 2 KM from car park.

Fjöruhúsið cafe which is closed when we visit.

Sue Hui over the scenery near Fjöruhúsið cafe.

Our today accommodation is a full house booked from Airbnb, and everyone is so excited that we make an early check in here as we saw a big outdoor private pool at the backyard! Immediately everyone get all the luggage to be in the house, and change our swimwear to enjoy the hot pool. It was extremely comforting and relax just doing nothing but chit chat around and laying down here. We also continue our ping pong piang game here, but other than beer, this round loser receive gigantic water splash from the rest! It was truly fun and memorable.

Kitchen area.

Dining table.

Living area.


Bedroom A.

Bedroom B.

Bedroom C.

Say cheers!

Rest time, everyone is tired.

Staircase to bedroom C.

An actual scenery that look like a painting.

Another warmhearted special calendar.

Our grand spaghetti dinner!

Dinner time~

Having fun with classic Super Mario game.

Everyone went very early to rest due to tiredness today, and it was good to have a very refreshing sleep and continue our journey back to Reykjavik!

Ready to check out on the next morning.

The view from our home-stay.

The small hut that feature in the window from bedroom C.

Our outdoor pool.

With snow mountain at the back!

Is time to return to Reykjavik.

Ólafsvík - Iceland

November 2016

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