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We have some walks around Arnastapia cliff area called Gatklettur, and first thing that we came through was this big giant statue that standing firmly near the cliff area. It is a statue by Ragnar Kjartansson of Bárður Snæfellsás, a semi-mythological figure who features in an ancient saga about this area. The walk of the cliff end is similar to what we saw around Londrangar, but in some perspective, I felt this area is much more attractive, maybe it was due to bad weather yesterday. During our walk, for the very first time experience we were attacked by freezing rain! Even by standard it should be a minor one, but it was no joke to be hit continuously by it! Luckily it only last for few minutes else it would terrible for us as the car is quite some distance from us.

We are almost on our ways back to Reykjavik hence we appreciate more on the opportunity to enjoy the natural beautiful of Iceland surrounding, hence it was multiple stop for a random view along the road.

Bárður Snæfellsás story.

The status of Bárður Snæfellsás.

Sea birds by the shore.

Around Gatklettur.

Huge wave hitting the cliff~

A mountain with a sharp peak.

Along the cliff.

Arch rock with almost perfect circle.

A walk towards the cliff. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Sudden attack~

Icy rain~

Beautiful heaven light.

Series of beautiful waterfall along the coast.

House of the day~

Road trip almost come to an end....

Try to enjoy all the natural scenic landscape to the max.

Hybrid snapping photo of a random photogenic mountain.

Mountain with colorful layer.

Glad the weather turn just turn all right today.

Road to Buðir black church.

We visited a very beautiful, yet mystery church, the Buðir black church which just a short drive off the ring road 1. Minor rain did not stop us to wander around the church, and the heaven light on the ocean area make it even more satisfying for our stop here.

When we almost depart from the church, suddenly we aware that there are a rainbow, with extremely sharp color just appearing around Buðir black church! Everyone just run out from the car again to witness and capture these priceless moment! The result is very satisfying, somehow for my standard and it was really pure luck I would say!

Buðir black church.

Me and Buðir. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Buðir with some heaven light on the ocean direction.

Cemetery and the heaven light.

Love this one, worth the run all over from the car!

Rainbow with very sharp color!

It remind me that rainbow have 7 colors.

Last take of Buðir and the rainbow before it vanished.

We continue our drive after fully satisfying with this moment, and have a slight stop at Borgarnes town, before drive through Hvalfjörður tunnel which is build under Hvalfjörður fjord with 5770 meters long, and have helped to reduce time spend from Reykjavik to western Iceland to 7 minutes from an hour to pass the fjord.

Finally, when we start to see lots of car on the street, we all aware that we have back to the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik.

The mountain look so beautiful under sunlight.

Even the waterfall water can't resist the strong wind!

A very colorful multi layer, random mountain range.

Close up on this beautiful wonder.

Ying Ying posing while waiting for Sue Hui.

Not a great weather day, but still love the atmosphere.

Slight stop at city of Borgarnes to refuel gas.

We will miss you, snow mountain!

Toll payment for Hvalfjörður tunnel.

Entrance to the tunnel.

I think this is the only speed trap that I saw throughout our road trip.

Back to mountain range of Esja.

Reykjavik under slight heaven light.

Here we back to you again, Reykjavik. Photo credited to Hybrid.

This mark the end of our ring road trip!

Buðir Black Church - Iceland

November 2016

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