Last Day in Iceland

Today is rare occasion on our trip that we do not need to rush in the morning, hence everyone is having a sweet and well rest. After late breakfast prepare in the kitchen, we head on to the world famous blue lagoon for some relaxing moment. For me, it was a very luxury open air spa, with complete equipment, and of course with a great hot beautiful hot pool with is very relaxing. We roaming around Blue Lagoon for an hour plus, enjoying all the facility available and just relax. As a first timer, I am not regret to pay a lot to experience it, but for me, those experience in nature hot pool is much more amazing! It was less crowded and not commercial, and it is much more adventurous!

Our stay, Reykjavik Hostel Village.

Worried as it look like raining on our way to Blue Lagoon.

Green mossy field!

Lucky that the weather turn better when we reached.

Walkway to the entrance.

A pool outside, with beautiful rainbow on far end.

Milky blue in color.

Different lane for different category.

Not cheap at all in term of price....

PPP in Blue Lagoon! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Act cute. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Having a beer in here is heavenly! Photo credited to Hybrid.

Me, Jenson, and CJ with Gull beer. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Me in blue lagoon~ Photo credited to Hybrid.

Blue Lagoon, checked~ Photo credited to Hybrid.

View over the pool area.

A very nice ice cream!

Blue Lagoon cafe.

Pool bar area.

CJ offline on the pool side, again.

Ying Ying on the pool outside.

Plane flying cross the clouds and blue sky.

We will be leaving soon too.

We stopped by Sun Voyager for photo when we back to Reykjavik. Sun Voyager is a dreamboat, an ode to the sun. Intrinsically, it contains within itself the promise of undiscovered territory, a dream of hope, progress and freedom. Yet again, we went for the famous sausages again, it was 4th time for me throughout the trip!

We suppose to go buy our souvenir prior to our dinner, but due to heavy rain, we change our plan to go for dinner first, via Sægreifinn. The restaurant have wide range of fresh seafood as choices, all of us test their famous lobster soup and share some other seafood dishes by choice. I have a chance to taste the whale meat here, but kinda regret after that, as I felt this animal should not be a meal to us human, similar to Puffin bird as well. No next time for me. :)

There are some funny moment when we mistakenly park our car into a private compound, and they have their gate closed. We unable to find any alternative ways to get out from that compound, hence at last Hybrid directly drove the car to hit the higher ground of the road after we make some measurement on the possibility, while we confirm there are no police around. Luckily we make it, without causing any damage to the car. Lesson learned, don't simply park your car anywhere!

Double rainbow on our way back to Reykjavik~

Our driver with double rainbow.

Trying to hold the rainbow.

The Sun Voyager.

Overlooking mountain range of Esja.

It was only early November, but Reykjavik street already have feel of Christmas~

Back to famous sausages~ Again~

My fourth try throughout the trip.

Interior of Sægreifinn.

Interior of Sægreifinn.

Shrimp and scallop.

Salmon and blueling.

Wolffish and seatrout.

Whale steak.

Tusk and cod.

Monkfish and redfish.

Vegetable and potato.

Our seats area.

Sægreifinn cashier counter and kitchen area.

Sægreifinn signboard.

The famous lobster soup.

The fresh lobster meat.

Whale steak, no next time for me....

Gary's show times~

Finally we proceed to have a walk at a shopping street, for last round of souvenir hunting. The thing is not cheap at all, hence I decided to write and post some postcard back to some important folks. Anyhow, the postcard price might be reasonable, but the stamp is much more expensive compare to the card!

As for Hybrid, we also use his self made postcard using his own photos, to deliver our travel experience back to him so that he can read when he back to Malaysia. For me, it was truly a wonderful adventurous trip, with some great travel mate, and I believe everyone have the same feeling toward this trip as well!

Final hunt for aurora on the last night in Iceland is not a great one, as the thick cloud fully cover the sky for nearly 1-2 hours. When we decided to move back hotel for a brief rest before catching our flight in the morning, a portion of the cloud seem like making way to a slim aurora for a brief few minutes, and its looks like it is saying goodbye to us~

Goodbye for now, beautiful Iceland!

Postcard for for Hybrid.

Postcard for a great traveler.

Postcard to Mummy.

Thick cloud during our last hunt.

It was the same on every corner.

Very thick cloud....

The chance looks slim tonight.

Just before we decided to leave, the cloud faded a bit. We can see bright stars all over the sky.

Only for slight moment, aurora show up and saying goodbye to us!

Blue Lagoon - Iceland

November - 2016

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