Introductory to Amsterdam

It was never a bad idea to explore a city by utilizing the transit time waiting for next flight, although it was really a short one. We only have few hours to have a introductory visit to Amsterdam. The scenery while in the train does not make me excite like I am in a big city in Europe, until we are out from Amsterdam central station.

Very bicycle friendly city, can see a lot of cyclist around.

Lots of sight seeing cruises in the canal.

Inner city tram in front of Amsterdam central station.

Amsterdam central station, beautiful exterior.

Cruise flow through the canal.

PPP exploring Amsterdam. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Street view in Amsterdam.

Small walk way to De Wallen.

Using our feet, we have a walk through small walk ways street toward Oudezijds Voorburgwal canal, where the infamous De Wallen red light district area is located. Disregard on the intention to preview how the legal red-light district operating in Amsterdam in broad day light, the view along the canal is so breathtaking and calm.

Maybe it was still early, hence we only encounter few 'window' throughout our walk that we can see the prostitute standing behind the it and waiting for customer to approach them. No photo is allowed and I am not dare to even try!

Beautiful elm tree planted along the canal.

Extraordinary view of the canal from the bridge.

Me via Oudezijds Voorburgwal. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Street area that we are able to encounter few trademark window of red-light district.

A shop of emm.... condom.

We are kinda split up in the main street Damrak during lunch break, when me and few comrades try to look for some breads while the other area happily enjoy their meal in a KFC restaurant. We found this shop called Bakkerij De-Wall which offer varieties of breads and pizza, and the price tag look quite affordable as well, hence we decided to settle our lunch here. By spending of few EURO, I have a very satisfying bakery feast here in Amsterdam, by the road side!

Tram in Damrak street.

de Bijenkorf department store.

Busy but organize Damrak street.

Gang choosing their breads inside Bakkerij De-Wall.

Eating freshly bake breads in a cold weather, roadside is not an issue seriously!

Waffle cake.

Very healthy whole meal bread.

Interior of Bakkerij De-Wall.

We only have remaining few hours before need to rush back to Amsterdam Schiphol airport to catch our next flight to Istanbul hence we decided to have a short walk via Dam Square next to Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. It was also next to National Monument, De Nieuwe Kerk church, and Madame Tussauds wax museum. The square are very crowded, not only by people that wandering around, but there is also hell lots of pigeons in this area!

Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam.

Madame Tussauds wax museum.

National Monument of Amsterdam.

De Nieuwe Kerk church.

Group of pigeons wandering around Square Dam in Amsterdam! Lots of them!

Group of pigeons came closely when this guy is feeding them.

Ying Ying take the chance and steps in for a photo.

That conclude our short wandering around Amsterdam, then we make our way back to airport using the two way train ticket we bought earlier. We manage to spend some time to take a photo at trademark I AMSTERDAM before check in for our next flight. Due to the rush I am not able to taste local freshly brew Heineken from the street, but I am luckily to be able to have it inside Schiphol airport, it was so awesome!

Via Amsterdam Central station.

Waiting for next train back to Schiphol airport.


PPP with I AMSTERDAM. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Bar in Schiphol airport.

Freshly brewed extra cold Heineken.

PPP in Schiphol airport. Photo credited to Hybrid.

PPP in Schiphol airport. Photo credited to Hybrid.

Square Dam - Amsterdam

November 2016

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