A Lazy Afternoon via El Rio Y Mar Resort

Once we done with our discovery diving session with Dugong Dive Center, we have a choice, to either depart back to the Riverhouse, or pay a small amount of 500 peso to El Rio Y Mar Resort, to spend the rest of the day via the resort compound. We were actually impress by the surrounding of the resort, it was very clean, comfort, and is a great place to spend a lazy afternoon. Furthermore, the 1500 peso that we pay can actually being spend in their cafeteria as an equal value vouchers. Well, it was a relatively easy decision to make here.

We are very hungry after completed our discovery diving session hence immediately we heading over to the cafeteria to have our lunch. The scenery from our table are very nice, and it is perfect with the fresh wind that blowing over. We cheers on the milestone we completed today, and of course enjoy our meal.The food just make our lunch perfect as all of them was truly awesome!

Scenery from our table.

The port that we did our diving session earlier.

Peaceful and quiet place to relax.

Another view toward the port.

The tip box.


Caesar salad.


Great pizza!

Pork set with rice.

Our perfect lunch!

Cheers for the job well done! Photo credited to Magic5.

We went flexible after the lunch, Briseis have herself a massage treat, and Lion found a hanging bed on the beach and quickly she fall into sleep there! I have a walk along the beach and did met with Mike who sitting on a chair on the beach, while Mary are chatting with her friend nearby as well. Mike told me he had been a diving coach for many years already, and he enjoy turn in his interest into a job, although it might not earn him the best dollars available. To be honest, I really envy them and salute their courage to be able to do so. Probably is time for me to really think of what I really want to do as well, time is priceless.

After taking some photos along the beach, I also found another hanging bed nearby hence I also give it a try on the feeling laying on it. Now I understand why Lion able to sleep so comfortable earlier. The blend of the blowing wind and the voice of the sea wave make me feel so calm and peaceful, which I can't resist to have a sweet nap here as well.

The beach volleyball court.

I start to love quiet place instead of crowded one.

Thanks the trees and leaves for blocking the direct sunlight for me.

Briseis rest like a boss.

My private corner.

Relax to the max~

Glad we spend our lazy afternoon here.

Lion snap the photo of the soon sunset.

Sunset soon.

Spend some time for reading as well here.

The port that we arrive earlier, just in front the training pool.

Sunrise is here, is almost time to go back.

After we settle the payment with Mary, she escort us towards the boat that dock on the jetty, our boatmen is here to take us back to the Riverhouse. Before we leave, we did take a group photo together with Mary, too bad Mike was not around that time. We wave good bye to Mary and depart on the boat back to the Riverhouse. It was a magical and proud day to three of us!

Briseis and her coach.

We-fie with Mary.

Dawn is here.

Bright moon on the sky at dawn.

Chatting under the moon.

El Rio Y Mar Resort - Philippines

February 2017

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