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Casual City Tour via Coron

Original plan was to join another island hopping tour to another 3 islands quite some distance from Coron town, but since Lion, Briseis, and myself had already being into too much of water activity, we decided to skip this one. Ann and Carol proceed with the original plan. Initially we just plan to rest peacefully in home stay, but unfortunately electricity supply being cut off to give way to some construction works nearby. Hence after having heavy breakfast prepared by Jen and company, we make our way over to the town area with tricycle.

Three of us craving some for good coffee, hence we plan to stop by at a cafe in Coron town, Coffee Kong. But what surprise us was the electricity supply is not just cut at our home stay area only, but also the whole Coron township! Without proper air conditioning the cafe was just too hot, hence we first spending some time hanging around some souvenir shop before returning to the cafe again after approximate 30-60 minutes.

Come back in a while, after electricity supply is back later.

Lion posing with lion fish!

Sea dive resort.

View over the sea from sea dive resort.

Houses build on top of the sea water.

Accidentally found the well recommended restaurant here in Coron town, Trattoria Altrov'e!

The girls spend quite sometimes hunting for goods in this souvenir shop.

Finally, electric supply is back and we manage to enjoy our drink peacefully now under proper air conditioning, it was so hot out there!

After the satisfying drink, we proceed to have further walks around the town, manage to catch into some handicraft shop, and also a small but clean church with beautiful interior. We start to get hungry as well, hence we choose to have our lunch via Bluemoon Restobar, which is just located on the main road of Coron town. Not heavenly, but still very satisfying.

Random view on Coron-Busuanga road.

The bamboo handicraft shop.

Exterior of the church.

Briseis and Lion doing their prayer in the church.

Altar inside the church.

Exterior of San Agustin Parish Church.

Owner must be hard core fans of Manchester City.

Forgot the name of the drink, but this truly resemble how beautiful the sea here in Coron!

Simple illustration on Calamian Islands map.

Simply become my favorite dishes in Philippines, Bicol express.

Crispy fish and chips.

Fries make of freshly cut potato, but the portion is kinda small.

Bluemoon restobar trademark salad.

Quite a satisfying lunch we have here!

After the late lunch, we slowly make our way towards the port area, where we catch our banca for our day trip yesterday. Since we still have few hours of day time left, we decided to approach a tricycle for a recommendation. They suggested a place called Bali beach, which I checked from, was just about 6KM away. After some negotiation on the price, we agreed on an amount which include wait time and send us back to Trattoria Altrove's for our dinner, and it was a deal!

Anyhow, Bali beach itself was a disappointment to us, as it was just a below average private beach area. You will need to pay entrance fees to visit, and nothing much to see to be exact. For me, the the tricycle trip go and back is the one that I found interesting instead, when we are passing through very localize small village and the road is very challenging, is kinda like we are on roller coaster!

Tricycle trip passing through very local village of Coron people.

Happy kids saying hi to us.

Wish to join these kids for some basketball game!

Our tricycle, Lucky Abbie~

Roller coaster ride started after a minor rest at store....

The white pole on the road side was actually street light, very short one.

Finally, we are here at Bali beach.

Enjoying some swing on the beach.

Chicken and chicks.


View from the beach.

Surrounding of the beach area.

The small islands in the middle was Siete Pecados Marine Park that we visited yesterday.

This dog keep following me on the beach.

The crowd on the vehicles....

Back to the village area.

Tricycle drop us back at Trattoria Altrov'e, and we really enjoy the wood fire pizza here very much! The environment was quite cozy, and if you came early, you can have a seat near to balcony area, which you can see the sunset directly from your seat. This restaurant is definitely recommended for anyone that wish to visit Coron!

Trattoria Altrov'e.

The worker are preparing the pizza crust.

Cozy environment, and is very crowded too, do plan your dinner early here.

The prospect of the righteous is joy.

This wood fire pizza was just too good, a must try here in Coron!

Trattoria Altrov'e - Philippines

February 2017

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