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Coron Ultimate Tour

After a good night sleep, we wake up to see there are breakfast being prepared for us, which is arrangement done by Carol with Jen and company, with some amount of peso being paid of course. We prepare our packing for the Coron Ultimate tour today after the breakfast, and after a while, tour folks pick us up from the home stay. Glad that it was a great weather for water activity!

Our breakfast prepared by Jen and company.

Our tour guide giving us briefing on the boat before departing.

View back to the port area, and Mount Tapyas.

Carol and Ann excited for the tour.

Our 1st destination today was Siete Pecados Marine Park, a snorkeling spot. The boats are very crowded around the area, hence the boatman have to move slowly for a good docking spot before we are allowed to go in to water for exploration. I am one of the few that can't wait to go down by staircase, but jump in directly from the boat with equipment on of course. The water was so clear and the sea life, including both fishes and coral reefs are very much impressive here! Sunlight are quite strong at this time, hence the visibility under water are great. Ann never really doing much snorkeling hence she kinda resist to went in to water, but the guide are kind enough to drag her around for the sight seeing. We spend almost 30 minutes here, and definitely was a very good place to start get use with the wave as the water here is quite calm.

Our 1st destination of the day.

Siete Pecados Marine Park.

List of instruction of what not to do at marine park here, the awareness is good here among tourist and local.

Blue color coral reef.

Visibility is real good here.

Lion exploring the under water world.

Coral reef with slight mixture of red and pink color.

Impressive golden color coral reef!

Variety type of lively coral.

Carol and Briseis enjoying the exploration underwater.

Depth of the water just right, it will not let u step on these beautiful coral reef.

To the left is slightly getting deeper, the feel of the deep blue sea.

The variety of sea life at around these area was just fabulous.

Unknown fish in black around the coral reef.

Our next destination was simply one of the most famous spot here in Coron, Lake Kayangan, which is also describe as cleanest lake in whole Philippines. We have to walk for a rough 15 minutes over a hill in order to reach the lake. In the mid span of the hill, there are a perfect spot to witness the iconic view of crystal clean water, the spectacular lime stones formation, and some banca scattered around, all in one framing. Too bad I unable to get a perfect shot here on this view, as there are too many peoples waiting for their photo session around.

Sitting at the VVIP seat on the banca while enjoying the superb view around.

Never get tired with all these lime stones rock formation, it was just amazing!

Finally witness how clean the sea water is in Coron.

Carol, Lion, and Ann can't wait to explore Kayangan lake.

View from the docking point.

This clean water is just irresistible!

The boat may look more like floating if the wave is calmer.

Can't resist the view, stop by and enjoy first.

Ann and Briseis via the docking point.

Half way hiking, here is it the classic view~

Million dollars worth of view via Kayangan Lake.

Lion happy face witness the view here.

Too bad not really have a best shot here.

Not even have time for all the proper setting on my camera due to time constraint.... sorry Carol.

I tried my best girls~

The crowd here is truly pack, hence we quickly continue our walk towards the Kayangan lake direction, half way to go. It was a WOW from me when we reached the lake, as it was truly clean and clear! The visibility even from top of the land is truly amazing! Without wasting much time, with proper equipment on, we quickly jump in the lake to start our swim in the cleanest lake in Philippines.

Here we all, the legendary Kayangan lake~

This level of visibility was truly amazing!

Can't wait to jump in to the lake~

Briseis sitting by the lake side preparing to jump in.

Briseis and Carol was the first two that took up the challenge to jump in the lake, but Briseis just maintain for a while as she was still afraid a bit to be in water without much supervision. Lion suppose to be the same as well, but suddenly her guts surprise me when she even swim across the lake, which have maximum depth up to 40++ meters! At last, Briseis and Ann enjoying their swim around the lake side area with supervision from Carol, while I accompany Lion to roam into very further end of the lake.

While in the middle of the lake, the visibility of the lake is superb, but yet in some part, you can't even see the bottom of the lake, it was that deep. However, the lake seem like have a magical power that make you feel so safe and calm while swimming around it. The calmness of the lake might be one of the reason as well make us feel that way. While enjoying the swim in this cleanest possible lake we could be in, the lime stone formation underwater also impress us, as it was simply look like an artistic piece of works of natural. We simply love this place!

Lime stone formation underwater at the edge of the lake.

Just like seeing cloud on the sky, you can see everything with your imagination.

The visibility absolutely amaze me!

Slowly to the deeper part of the lake....

This rock formation look like a face or mask for me.

We are so far from the crowd over there.

Lion enjoy the swim here very much!

Only us went so far to the middle of the lake!

Dark blue color part is toward deeper part of the lake, almost can't see the bottom of it from top.

Mission accomplished!

15 minutes of walk and we are back to MAGIC 5 boat!

The crew start to prepare lunch for us while we are enjoying our self in Kayangan lake. As announce by the tour guide, we are going to stop over at Banul beach nearby to enjoy our lunch and getting some rest. Banul beach was a small beach with some wooden huts, dining table, small shop selling drink and beverage. It seem to be an area that being build by the local as an ideal lunch spot for all the island hopping tours.

Banul beach have a flat depth of probably 2-3 meters along the beaches, which make the crystal blue color of the sea water so amazing under strong sun light! There are many peoples there when we arrived, and without taking much time, our tour guide have secured us a table and slowly present all the delicious dishes that they prepare on the banca here. Lunch time!

The taste of the food was average, but I am still impress as they prepare this much of dishes just on a limited space on the banca. After all, we enjoy our lunch here very much with the food, and also the beach view which is very stunning and relaxing.

Heroes behind the scene preparing our fabulous lunch~

Lunch time via Banul beach.

Another end of Banul beach.

The crystal blue color of sea water will make you feel so comfortable and relax.

Welcome to Banul beach.

Beach, crystal blue sea, and lime stock all in one.

Our banca for the day tour, MAGIC 5.

Briseis, Ann, and Lion wandering on the beach while waiting for our lunch to be served.

Variety of food is now served!

Happy Carol can't wait to have her lunch.

Food are equally shared and distribute unconditionally, great teamwork!

The view on the beach from the wooden hut.

Briseis continue to enjoy the beach and water after the meal.

Wefie before departure to our next destination!

MAGIC 5 stop by for a short period of time in the middle of the sea, around 5-10 minutes away from Banul beach, with many others banca dock here as well. After a while only I realize this was a spot called skeleton wreck, which named after a sunken Japanese ship here. The ship itself is already badly damaged actually, you can only briefly see the remaining front part of the ship. It was true that marine life love to gather around here, as there are many fishes around!

I tried to perform a diving to try to touch the wreck which was probably around 4-5 meters from the surface, but failed to do so.

On our way to skeleton wreck spot.

The remaining front part of the sunken ship.

Ann getting more confident to swim in the sea now.

Great free diving skill required to physically touch the wreck.

The rest of the wreck basically is not recognizable anymore.

Depth is probably around 4-5 meters.

Lots of zebra fish surrounding our banca.

A rope that tie to the front of the sunken ship, to ease free diver to reach the wreck.

Countless zebra fish head over to the crowd, then feeding some bread to them.

The school of fishes seen from the banca.

Great rest on the side of banca while on our way to next destination.

Lion was too tired and sleep on the side of the banca.

MAGIC 5 stop over at another beach after the skeleton wreck, CYC beach. Our banca not able to dock directly on the beach due to shallow depth hence those that want to pay a visit to the beach have to swim over by our self. It was only me and Carol that swim over as other need some rest on the banca. Anyhow, although still an above average beach, but compare to other great destination that we have being, this was just a normal one. Spending around 15 minutes on the beach wandering, and I back to the banca for some rest too.

Swim towards CYC beach.

View from the beach.

We-fie with a cute dog resting on the beach.

Me and Carol.

This dog learned well on how to walk on the beach.

Another view toward the beach.

Resting on the banca, while waiting to visit the last destination of the day, the Twin Lagoon.

Everyone from the MAGIC 5 banca seem very tired, but I believe everyone enjoy the tour very much. The sky getting darker while we are on our way to Twin Lagoon, luckily it is not raining anyhow. Again, the banca dock in the middle of the sea while each of us have to swim some distance to a stairs case, in order to walk over into twin lagoon.

The water in the lagoon seem to be mixture of salt and fresh water, and you will feel the temperature of the water keep switching between cold and warm. We are kinda tired to swim too far this round, hence we just relax our self laying on the water and feel the nature wonder surrounding us. When it is almost time to exit, the guide get all of us to line up one by one, and putting our legs to the side of the person in front of us to hold, just like a long centipede. Our guide pull us from the front and everyone just laying relax without even need to move.

While exit, we are being guide to go through a narrow passage just under the wooden stair case then we came to, where you just laying down and they will push you over to the other end. Unfortunately, I think I lost my goggle while passing through the passage.

On the way to Twin Lagoon, the sky are getting darker a bit.

The path to Twin Lagoon is surrounded by these beautiful lime stones too.

Many other group of tourists was already here.

A house build on water surface just opposite from where we dock our banca.

Queuing on the wooden stair case to enter into Twin Lagoon.

We-fie while waiting to go in to the lagoon.

View over to docking point of our banca.

View into Twin Lagoon.

Lime stone formation and the sky.

Happy Carol enjoying the swim here.

Piercing sun light had return after hiding for some time.

Time for some naps.

We are kinda tired, hence this is how far we roam around.

Another end of the lagoon that we did not manage to visit.

Exit the lagoon in 'centipede' mode.

We also trying the same method to exit the lagoon~

Just laying do nothing and pulled by our guide.

Here we are back to the wooden stair case entrance.

Exit Twin Lagoon in style~

It was a very long and entertaining day, definitely a must do activity if you are visiting Coron for sure! No harm doing a public tour as those are pretty much best location to see in Coron, and you have chances meeting a lot of people from different places. Price per head is around 1500 peso which is reasonable price tag in my opinion.

Geographical spot for each of the location covered in Ultimate Coron tour.

On the same evening we have great seafood dinner via Lobster King restaurant which was within walking distance from our home stay. The steam fish was especially good, and I get to know it was famous fish to eat here in Philippines, called Labu Labu.

Lobster King Seafood & Resto Bar

Ordering in progress.

Clam soup to start our meal.

Seafood cooked in spicy sauce, this was nice too!

Delicious labu labu fish!

Pork cooked with vegetables.

Coron Ultimate Tour - Philippines

February 2017

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