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Off to El Nido

Today mark our last day in Coron as we will be moving to El-Nido by ferry on the afternoon. Jen and company help us do the transportation arrangment to the port, as well as give us a warm goodbye from the whole family! You won't get luxury stay here at Coron NVC vacation home, but you will definitely experience a home away from home here.

Jen and family gathered together to say goodbye to us.

They helping us to load our luggage on the roof of the tricycle.

Two cute little kid from Jen families.

Getting ready to depart.

Girl post, let me just stand still....

Magic 5 with Jen and company, definitely will miss you all a lot!

The ferry journey took 4 hours to reach El Nido, but it was not boring at all. Just few steps away from my seats is the door to the rear of the boat, which many or the passengers choose to wandering around instead of staying inside. I can simply understand why as the combination of deep blue sea, blue sky, and beautiful islands is just irresitible. I end up spend more than half of the journey here as well.

We do have some chance to go and stay around the cockpit, when i am actually wanted to buy some drinks and coffee. While they preparing the drinks, they invite us to went up to have a sit and have a look toward the sea from the pilot perspective.

Waiting for the boarding.

Boarding to our ferry.

Inside the ferry, the air conditioning quite cold.

The wave at the rear of the ferry looks like tail of a whale!

Another random beautiful white beach!

Our luggage tied on the rear of the ferry.

Light blue color sea near those island.

Small village on the island.

Cockpit of the ferry.

We finally reach El Nido, and immediately attracted to the limestones rock formation that surrounding the small city. The streets here are very narrow, and compare to Coron, this place serve better as a tourism spot, as there are a lot of tour shop along these roads. We took two tricycle to fetch us over to our stays for next two days, Swiftlet Inn.

Limestone rock formation surrounding El Nido.

El Nido street view.

Our stay for next two nights, Swiftlets Inn.

My name is on the notification board!

After done the check in, we decided to have a walk across the main street of El Nido and find a good place for dinner. Carol lead the way directly to the beach and bring us to Sea Jane Resto Bar for seafood BBQ as dinner. You get to choose the seafood that you like and the workers will help to prepare it. The seating are directly on the beach, and it was very enjoyable to have the dinner while seeing the view turn from day to night.

We have some slight walk around the small town of El Nido after the dinner before heading back for some rest.

Walking over to the town center.

Local bakery house.

Carol and happy kids, with bright smile!

Less than 10 minutes of walk, and we are here.

Bunch of fresh seafood to choose from!

Signboard of the restaurant.

BBQing fish and some prawns.

Unicorn fish.

Roasted pork.


Seating are directly on the beach.

The view from our seating table.

The ladies of Magic 5.

Dawn approaching.

Banca docked at some distance from the beach.

Banca lighting at night.

Walking around the town of El Nido.

Kids dancing and singing on the stage.

One of the few 24 hours resto bar here in El Nido, Squidos.

Narrow lane in between shops.

Church in the town.

Swiftlets Inn at night, time for some rest.

el nido - philippines

February 2017

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