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Taraw Cliff via Ferrata

Before we decided to go for this hike, i have read from internet source about how dangerous is it to climb the Taraw cliff and almost give up. However, after few time passing through Rizal street, I keep on attracted to this banner which mention Taraw cliff through 'Ferrata', which in Italian mean iron way. Beside, it keep on mentioning that it is safest method for Taraw cliff hike. Since we have a luxury morning time to spend before taking van to Puerto Princesa, me and An decided to give it a try.

The entrance via Rizal street.

Local call it Canopy Walk, keep a note on that.

An photo session before our registration.

Equipment on, we are ready for the hike!

There is a guide dedicated for us lead the way accordingly for us, while explaining how different is it on this Ferrata path against the old Taraw cliff. Only then I realize that this Ferrata path is going to different path compare to the classic one and the height is only half of it. This tour was also run by private company that built this alternative path to let everyone, not just the experience climber to be able to view El Nido from different perspective.

We paid 500 peso each to do the tour and definitely felt it is worth the price, after experiencing the quality of the metal stairs, and also professionalism of our tour guide which really take good care of us throughout the hike. Both of us love to take photos, hence we move quite slowly along the path, and he patiently wait us without any complaint and keep reminding us on the safety precaution from time to time.

The view around the ticket counter.

Started with some proper wooden walk path.

Then it continue with some sharp rocky path.

Need not worry, it was a short one.

After a while, we are here at the hanging bridge.

The top there is the classic view point of Taraw cliff, only possible for experience climber and it is extremely dangerous!

An and out tour guide posing for photo on the hanging bridge.

The hanging bridge from top.

We are almost at the top.

Finally able to see the sea view.

It take us about 20 minutes to reach the top, and we are rewarded with spectacular view on the whole El Nido downtown! We can see the banca scattered all around the sea, and there are really a lot of them. There are three group of us was on top viewing platform hence we slowly move around to allow everyone have sufficient time to enjoy the view and taking desire photos. We spend around another 15 minutes here before moving back down through the same path.

To the right from the peak.

Middle from the peak.

To the left from the peak.

Weird looking tree trunk.

Weird looking tree on the top.

Panorama view on El Nido downtown from the top!

We-fie from the top of Ferrata path!

Moving down isn't that hard, but you just have to be careful on the stepping, and remember to hold handrail all the time when it is available. With slow pace, we take around another 20 minutes to get back down to the ticket counter. Before leaving, we took another we-fie along with another group of tourist, before went back to hotel to be ready for our transportation to Puerto Princesa.

Calmly taking photo even in a shaky hanging bridge.

Almost there to the flat wooden path.

Another peak on the beautiful limestone rock cliff.

We-fie with the crew and fellow travelers!

Taraw Cliff via Ferrata - Philippines

February 2017

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