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Ugong Rock Adventures

Our day trip Puerto Princesa Underground River tour include a sub tour to visit Ugong Rock adventure which we spend around 2 hours before heading over to Sabang beach. It was a standalone limestone rock that 71 meters high on a flat area, with summit view deck and zip line feature at the top. Hence, basically it is caving all the way to the top, and back to ground with zip line, either with sitting or 'Superman' position. Once we done the registration and payment, our tour guide direct us to start the journey.

A map of Palawan

Magic5 in Ugong Rock Adventures

Registration area prior to the start of the tour

Not sure why those ropes are tied to the rock

Although the summit was not that high, but it still take us around 45 minutes to reach the top as there was a combination of rock climbing, staircase, and some very tight space that we need to squeeze in order to get pass through. Along the way, our tour guide will point the interesting natural artwork that have a various type of appearance. It was a fun cave spelunking session.

Start by walking through a dark cave

Carol taking photo inside the cave

Forgot what is that natural artwork already

Out from the dark cave

Walking path to another side of Ugong Rock

Start to do some rock and stair climbing

One of the tight space to squeeze through, easy for Briseis and tough for me....

Natural artwork, they call it Buddha hand

Group photo before continue the climb

Another natural artwork, eagle figure

Inside the cave

Have to do some rope climbing here

An make the climb looks so easy

Another tight space to squeeze over

We are almost at the top

Finally we make it to the top, enjoying the surrounding view for a brief moment, and will need to take up the challenge for the zip line back to the ground. Initially, I really wish to do the zip line on Sabang beach which take you through the beautiful crystal clear water but since it is currently close, hence it is not bad to have a chance over Ugong Rock. When it is my turn, just step up on a stair while the crew setup and double confirm all the equipment are properly loaded, deep breath, float mid air with the 'Superman' position, and here we go! Less than a minute of adventure, but it was really a great one, not frightening at all!

Queuing for the zip line

The rope way for the zip line

My Ugong Rock zip line adventure

The look over to the summit of Ugong Rock

An incoming with sitting position

Ugong Rock Adventures - Philippines

February 2017

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