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Summer Capital of Philippines

After completed our wonderful journey via Palawan, we fly back to Manila and Carol is now leaving the team. However, thanks to Carol arrangement to have MJ and Max as our drivers for the next few days, mainly for our visit to world famous Banaue rice terrace. Due to the long distance drive and the road condition, we couldn't make it to Banaue in a day, hence our first stop was to have a day rest via Baguio, which name as the summer capital of the Philippines. It was a very big city which is approximately ~1500 meters above the sea level. It was a long drive from Manila, which took us nearly 6 hours.

Initially we don't have plan to wander around Baguio, hence we let MJ and Max to stop us for few tourism spot when we are there before we return to Carol hotel for our stay tonight.

Signature Lion Head marks that we finally reach Baguio!

I don't know what is the name of the flower, but its beauty does attract me.

The gate of the Mansion in Baguio.

It was the official summer palace for the President of Philippines.

A famous view point via Mines View Park.

Lots of beautiful flower pot on sale here, the place really looks like Cameron Highland here in Malaysia, just that it was a huge city on the hill!

Taking a photo for An via the view point.

Welcome to Sitio of Botiwtiw.

The village was beautifully painted with various of colors and pattern which make it feel so modern and lively.

Both MJ and Max lose their direction toward Gardenville Hotel and luckily I manage to direct accordingly by using the application yet again! This apps is really awesome!

As per recommended by Carol, we tried the sizzling Bangus fish via the hotel cafe and it was really good!

The night view from balcony.

Same view point at the morning.

Random view on incredible houses build on the edge of the hill along the city of Baguio.

Baguio - Philippines

February 2017

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