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The Valley of Countless Rice Terraces

The distance from Sagada to Banaue is around 60 KM to go, finally we almost reach our final destination after taking around 2++ days. Hopefully it is worthy to be here.

We first came across a small town of Bontoc, which we just bypass and did not stop to visit. However, the view from the road that lead to Banaue towards Bontoc town was superb hence we get MJ and Max to drop us for a brief moment to capture some photos before proceed on our jouney.

Beautiful Bontoc town from the opposite road.

Lion and Briseis having a photo with Bontoc.

Around 17 KM from Bontoc, MJ and Max stop the car on the road side again to let us have a view on beautiful Bayyo rice terraces. Unlike Banaue and Batad rice terraces, this place maybe less known to others but it definitely worth a stop for around 15 minutes to enjoy the view while resting after another hectic mountain ride.

Welcome to Bayyo rice terraces.

Beautiful Bayyo rice terraces and the village of Bayyo.

Tourist having fun together with the local Ifugao villagers.

After another 30 KM of hectic journey, we finally reach Banaue but not that impressive with the thick fog that surrounding the area as the visibility is very low. We suppose to check in to a native hut cottages as accommodation for our next 2 days here, but the condition of the hut is not well maintained and it could be very cold during the night time. We discussed a bit and decide to cancel the booking here and proceed to find other possible accommodation in town, and luckily we manage to get a room of 4 at Banaue Hotel. The hotel is considered one of the best in Banaue region and it offer almost everything we need badly, a good wifi connection, a good meal, and of course a good bed for rest after another hectic ride along the mountain province.

Banaue greet us a great morning with beautiful sunrise along with foggy environment. We are energize and get ready for a long walk today!

A morning with a very fresh air!

Finally we can start to see part of Banaue rice terraces from the balcony of the hotel.

Great morning with great sunrise.

With the help from hotel tourism counter, we manage to get a tour guide, Alvin to lead us the way to Batad rice terraces. He reach the lobby in just 15 minutes while we are still having our breakfast. We depart a while after MJ and Max came to pick us up.

The drive from Banaue Hotel to Batad take us around 45 minutes. I am quite worried along the way as the fog is getting thicker and thicker when we are getting nearer to the destination. Thanks god it turn better when we reach the car park area! After getting done with the proper packing, we start the trekking for today, towards Batad rice terraces, which take us around 30 minutes.

Random rice terrace on the road.

Start of the trekking.

Little bit slippery, walk with care.

There was quite a lot of home stay within Batad village itself.

Beautiful valley along the path.

Welcome to Batad!

An is very excited along the trek.

Batad rice terraces is probably the most famous, and best spot to enjoy stunning rice terraces view of UNESCO world heritage sites here in Banaue. The shape of the rice terraces make it feel like it was an extremely huge amphitheater. These amazing irrigated rice paddies were carved into the mountains over two thousand years ago. The village of fewer than 1500 is nestled among perhaps the finest examples of them in the region. Anywhere in or above the village provides phenomenal views. With the guide of Alvin, we continue the trek complete a big loop of Batad rice terraces to enjoy it from every possible perspective.

View of the terrace from the entrance area.

Batad tourist information center.

Zoom in view on the small village within the terraces.

Neat rice terraces which looks new, opposite of the amphitheater.

The soil along the walk way are full of moss, the area must be covered with mist throughout the night.

MJ, Max, Alvin, and An.

Maximum bokeh effect I manage to get using my kit lens.

A teenager working on the harvested rice.

Closer look toward the amphitheater.

Charge up station before proceed on our trekking.

View from the charge station.

Small hut by the cliff.

Getting higher to the terrace.

2000 years old terraces that were carved into mountain of Ifugao.

Lion with her new weapon.

Almost at the top of the terraces!

View from the top right plank of the amphitheater.

Green rice field.

It should be a shield instead of weapon.

Stunning view on the Batad rice terraces.

Close look up on the small village with terraces surrounding it.

Love the view from this angle very much.

The stair that we took to come down from the top row of terrace.

Briseis enjoy the view from the stairs.

The stair and walkway are in pretty good condition, but in most place including the rice terrace walk way only wide enough for 1 person to walk at once.

Having a seat with 5 stars view while waiting for others.

Other tourists taking alternate walk path to discover the terrace.

Finally make it back to the bottom of the amphitheater.

Walking across the rice terrace to get back to the entrance.

The top of the rice terrace that we were quite a while ago.

A church in the village.

A native hut.

Closer look on rice terraces opposite of the amphitheater.

The flower and a butterfly.

Some idle rice terrace filled with floating leave hold water drop that make it shine like a diamond when expose to bright sun.

Kid in the village.

This kiddo is so cute as she keep hugging on my leg while we rest here.

Final hike back to the entrance of the village.

Lion doing a we-fie together with the children of the village.

Small school in the village.

After gather at the entrance, we start our trek back to our car, with total trek distance of 6 KM. Everyone feel exhausted but definitely worth for the effort to witness the beauty of this amazing landscape. Personal recommendation if you are having limited time and having difficulties to choose from this many choices of different rice terraces to visit in Banaue, go for a day trip to Batad rice terraces instead. Thanks me later!

Batad Rice Terraces - Philippines

February 2017

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