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PPP Reunion at Sekinchan

6 months after our amazing road trip via Iceland, and once again all of us make time to meet up again for a short visit to Sekinchan. Our original plan was to Cameron Highland to do the mossy forest trekking but due to my poor arrangement, Hybrid helped to make a plan here to Sekinchan, so sorry for that. At first it was only 7 of us, but surprisingly Mr. Gary manage to make up time for this gathering which make it full roster of PPP!

We rented a 3 room home stay apartment via One Residence Sekinchan as our accommodation for the night. The apartment was neat, clean and well decorated, which was comfortable for group of peoples like us. We make a surprise early birthday celebration for Ying Ying and CJ as well before depart out for some sight seeing around the area.

Bed room 1.

Bed room 2.

Bed room 3.

Living hall of the apartment.

View towards the beach from the balcony.

View towards the paddy field.

Sue Hui enjoy the swing very much.

Birthday cake for CJ and Ying Ying.

Early celebration for both of you!

Ying Ying make a wish.

CJ make a wish.

Group photo before heading out for sight seeing.

We head over to a unique cafe called N16 bus cafe, which located in the middle of paddy field. Why is it called bus cafe? Yeah you are right, the cafe itself is a real bus which being placed on top of a huge container box. The interior of the bus have been refurnish like a cafe with proper sitting, and surprisingly they even have air-con equip in it! It does bring back lots of memory to all of us on the time when we still took bus everyday to school. Having an afternoon team with gang of friend, and surrounded by green paddy field make you feel very comfort and relax here.

N16 bus cafe, is a real bus up there!

Someone shooting using drone around the area.

WDC 6335.

Sue Hui at the entrance to N16.

Very huge and well organize paddy field here in Sekinchan.

Time to order some drink and dessert.

CK and Jenson in N16.

Ying Ying and Gary outside N16.

View from N16 corridor.

Classic old bus refurnish into a cafe, this was innovation!

What so funny there?

Gary, Ying Ying and CK waiting for the drinks to be served.

Soft drink and cake~ Photo credited to PPP.

Me and Hybrid. Photo credited to PPP.

Ying Ying with green paddy field background.

Happy gathering.

Left 8 of us in the cafe.

Captain Hybrid~

We then drive our cars going deeper into the quieter road of the paddy field area, to have a closer encounter with it. By seeing the empty straight road and 8 of us together, we suddenly remember the photo that we took from Iceland on a random empty road as well, hence everyone suggest that we mimic back our same posture again here in Sekinchan. The result was awesome and fun!

CJ, CK and Hybrid by green paddy field.

CK shooting photo of the surrounding view.

Paddy and water drop.

The straight road that give us the photo idea.

Director is adjusting posture for each of us based on our Iceland photo. Photo credited to PPP.

Iceland version. Photo credited to PPP.

Sekinchan version. Photo credited to PPP.

Group photo by the paddy field. Photo credited to PPP.

Big head version lol. Photo credited to PPP.

Group photo with the reflection. Photo credited to PPP.

Sunset approaching and new idea raise to capture some shots with the sunset, along with the reflection from the calm river. From solo model shot, to action shot, and finally to group hopping shot! The effect was quite beautiful, and the sunset here from Sekinchan is very beautiful too.

Sue Hui model pose.

Ying Ying model pose.

Sue Hui cute pose.

Sue Hui, Ying Ying and Gary jump pose.

Ying Ying jump pose.

Sue Hui and Hybrid action pose!

Sue Hui look like a Chinese vampire here.

Group jump pose 1!

Group jump pose 2!

Sunset was amazing here in Sekinchan.

Finally, the huge orange went down to the horizon.

We stop by at Jalan Pasar area trying to look for a restaurant for our dinner, and majority vote prefer to have seafood. After having some visual analysis nearby, we finally choose to have our dinner here at restaurant Kim Kee. One of the simple reason was the shop was small and looks old, but the crowd is full here compare to others!

We order spicy lala, fried egg with bitter gourd, prawn mantis, steam fish, crab, and squid for 8 of us, and the food was nice. Only complaint for us with the food was the sauce used to cook the prawn mantis, crab, and squid seem to be the same, it could be better if there was other variety to choose from. We even bet among our self on the expected price for the dinner, and surprisingly it was less than RM200 for this much of seafood! This shop deserve a recommendation for sure.

Everyone is very hungry by now. Photo credited to PPP.

Spicy lala.

Fried egg with bitter gourd.

Prawn mantis.

Steam fish.



Well deserve dinner place when you are in Sekinchan.

The rest of the night was so crazy and full or laughter, most of us does not even recall how we even when to sleep.

Next morning we have our breakfast at 香记海鲜肉骨茶 and order the famous Jacky Wu set meal for 8. Good way of advertisement being done by the shop. After the breakfast, we stop by Redang beach but just stay for a while as it was too crowded here with lots of cars and tourists. Hybrid mention that when he is here few years back, there was only few cars parking when he reach. Nowadays there are more and more shops and stalls doing business here, change the place from a quiet beach become a busy tourism area. Although it did bring prosperity to the village, but I guess it did change the original look of the place, hope the people will still work hard to keep the original culture on the place.

Jacky Wu set meal!

Seafood bak kut teh.

Fish head.

Prawn mantis.



Famous wishing tree via Redang beach.

Each red string represent a wish from tourist.

Heading to the beach.

Many people playing kite on the beach.

PPP wefie~ Photo credited to PPP.

Snapping Gary doing a wefie.

Result capture from Gary's phone~ Photo credited to PPP.

Famous signboard to take photo with on the beach.

Famous tree house that being used to film TVB drama, Outbound Love.

Back to Kuala Lumpur area and we have some time left to gather together, hence CK brough us to a cafe of his friend, Bookmark Coffee in Taman Connaught which serve coffee with some really artistic art. Sue Hui coffee was most impressive one as the owner did the latte art based on a photo of her blowing snow flake when we are back in Iceland. For some professional barista, this might cause some damage to the quality of the coffee, but from innovation wise, this was awesome and really bring joy to their customers.

There was time with Pokemon Go was so hot.

Colorful macaroon.

Here come the latte art, cute cat with watermelon.

The hot balloon dream.

Blue bird, it cause so much laughter when pronounce in Hokkien lol.


This was epic!

Any problem with you Hybrid with that sunglasses indoor?

Final group photo for this wonderful gathering, hope to see you guys again soon!

Sekinchan - Malaysia

April 2017

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