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The Silicon Valley of India

Due to business needs requirement, I have a chance to visit India for the first time in my life, to the silicon valley of India, Bangalore city. Understand from India counter part that the traffic here is massive especially during morning and after work, hence they recommend me to stay via Fairfield Marriott hotel, which was just next to office, 10 minutes walking distance. This truly was a very wise advice as by looking at the day to day traffic, I could eventually save up 3-4 hours each day for not to stuck in jam!

That was two Marriott chain hotel sharing the same compound and facility here, Fairfield and Courtyard. Basically the only different was only the room size, which Fairfield belong to lower cost economy chain compare to Courtyard. If you are here for business especially in Ecospace business zone, this will be perfect stay for you.

The room size is average, but the bed is very comfortable.

The bathroom area.

I can see my office directly from room's window.

Courtyard building at the front, Fairfield was at the back of it, it is inter connected within the building.

The wall label at the entrance to the hotel.

I did some homework for what is the place of interest to visit here in Bangalore, and I finalize my plan with a quick visit towards a famous Kempfort Shiva temple, which around 10 KM away from Fairfield Hotel. Since it was still early, initially I am planning to have a walk over while experiencing the local environment around. However, almost all road are in heavy construction around the area, hence the air is very dusty. After some consideration, I bargain with a auto rickshaw guy to fetch me over to the temple area with the fees of 200 rupee, which is quite acceptable.

Some minor funny incident happened during the travel was his auto rickshaw breakdown suddenly, and he stop by the at the road side. When I am thinking of what will be next, either he will get another driver to bring me over instead, he just use limited English with some hand sign to tell me to wait for 5 minutes, he is going to repair his own transport. With some doubt, I just waited there and see him start to do some repair, and guess what, he have it done in 5 minutes as promised! A driver and mechanic by himself, kudos!

5 minutes walk and we are in office entrance already, location wise is perfect for business!

Main entrance of the office.

Local folks resting on top of the 4WD, by the roadside.

My first ride on the auto rickshaw here in India.

Stop by the road side and snap a random photo.

As my auto rickshaw break down half way to my destination.

Driver confidentially just ask me to wait for 5 minutes.

Doing the repair in the auto rickshaw.

Doing some repair at the rear engine part.

Testing and validated successful, we are ready to go!

Kempfort Shiva temple is considered one of the most beautiful Shiva temple around the country. The beautiful statues of Lord Shiva that stand 65 feet tall, and Lord Ganapathi are the major attraction for all the devotee to visit the temple. The temple is known for its regular festivities being organised for the devotees for them to indulge in the worship of Lord Shiva, who is considered one of the major gods in South India.

As what I understand earlier, it was free to visit this temple but the counter folks request me to pay for a special entrance of 250 rupee. I did not bargain or question much and just proceed with the payment, and it seem like with this special entrance, I was being escorted by a English speaking guide throughout the journey, from entering until exit the temple, along with professional explanation as well as guidance on how to perform the prayer to Lord Shiva inside. It was worthy after all, as I manage to seek my inner calm peacefully in this amazing place.

The entrance to Kempfort Shiva temple.

The temple was just next to Kempfort Mall.

Special entrance of 250 rupee.

First glance on the white marble build Shiva statue.

Devotees doing the tradition prayers here, dropping some coins in each bowl and saying prayer along the way.

Keep whisper from your heart the phrase when dropping each coin, 'Om Namah Shivaya'.

The special coins that the guide pass to me to do the prayer here.

Good experience trying the tradition prayer here.

Great quote, tie your problems here, leave them behind.

Thanks Lord Ganapathi for let me leave my problem here.

Another on going tradition prayer.

Walking through a tunnel which show massive list of different holy temple around India, and coming out from the path to the right of where Lord Shiva sat.

Close up view on Lord Shiva statue.

'Let the fragrance of your love enrich your loved ones' lives! Light an Agarbatti for someone you love.'

The guide helped me to take a photo with Lord Shiva.

Hopefully everything will go on smoothly, with self calming inner peace.

Leaving Kempfort Shiva temple, I head on to MG road. MG stand for Mahatma Gandhi, who is the leader of Indian Independence Movement against British rule. He was also known as Bapu, unofficially mean Father of the Nation. MG road seem to be most busiest shopping district in down town of Bangalore. I have a short walk around the area without intention to do any shopping at this time, hence head to Hard Rock cafe for lunch.

Cow is holy animal here in India, you can almost see them roaming freely on the road side anywhere in the city.

Exterior view of Hard Rock cafe Bangalore.

Interior view of the cafe.

The cafe seating being divided into two zone, here is the dining zone.

Here is the drinking zone, which have a bar counter next to the seating.

First try on south chicken curry in Bangalore, the taste is absolutely gorgeous!

Finally, almost time to go back hotel for some rest before start of work the next day. I had tried the auto rickshaw, and now I would like to try travel using their local bus this round. I did have the off line maps with me using MAPS.ME, hence by some personal guess, I board a random on MG station and asking the bus conductor if they will went through Ecospace area but seem he can't communicate well in English. Luckily there was another Indian student in the same bus guide me to take this bus to transit at a central bus station to bus number 340 & 342 in order back to Fairfield Hotel. We chat a bit while on the way, and she was quite impressive for me to have the guts to try taking the public transport in India alone. Well, that was the purpose to travel, to blend and mix into local culture.

We wave goodbye when I drop from the bus via Shivajinagara bus station and start to seek for bus 340 & 342 but unfortunately I can't find any after around 15 minutes. A lady bus conductor approach me seeing me in need of help, and ask me to board her bus and drop at a station name Marathahalli Bridge later to switch to any bus that heading to Ecospace using Outer Ring road from there. Thanks to all the help provided, I manage to reach hotel after around 1-2 hours, although tired and exhausted, but it was a great experience.

Heading to Shivajinagar for the bus transit from MG road.

The bus conductor and some passengers, they still use the classic paper ticket here.

Reach Shivajinagar bus station.

Most of the time the buses are so crowded here just like how much this bus is loaded currently.

Crowded street near to the Shivajinagar bus station.

Thanks to this lady bus conductor for the help hand!

From my observation, normally guy will have their seats at the rear of the bus while ladies to the front. It was a soft public rule I guess.

Finally reach Marathahalli Bridge station, one more bus travel to go!

Just some walking distance from the hotel, was a huge red bridge that allow people to pass busy Outer Ring road safely. I manage to catch the incredible view of traffic jam here, which is so massive. The jam continue from day until dawn, I was really glad I chose to stay at Fairfield seriously!

The massive jam on the Outer Ring toward south.

Another end from the bridge.

The traffic does not seem to turn better even at dawn.

5-6 lanes road had been occupied by nearly 10 lanes of transport!

The red bridge which I stood at to view the massive traffic jam.

Bangalore - India

May 2017

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