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Mount Rinjani Expedition - The Crater Rim

Crater rim area are scattered with series of tents that porters reach early to setup for each of their clients. Our tent was another 10 minutes walk from the entrance point to crater rim camp site, and it is not even the end of it, the camp site was huge! 3 camps had been already setup for us, and a bigger tent for the potters and guides as well as our dining corner. Just imagine with only slipper or barefoot, and whole bunch of stuff that carried on their shoulders, they still manage to reach up here earlier and have the tent setup for us, how crazy and fit are they.

A look back to the entrance to Crater Rim on our way to our camps.

Another row of tents after the narrow trail.

Clear visible peak looks like not too far away.

View just outside of my tents, just too wonderful.

Our 3 red camps had already being setup thanks to our potters.

After some minor rest in the tent due to fatigue, we still can't resist of the spectacular view around the Crater Rim site, hence we grab our camera and head around to enjoy the view. We did not wander far, as a small hill with a small intercommunicating tower able to present us the best of the area, with the view of the peak, the Lake Segara Anak, the sea of clouds, and remarkable colorful camps view from the top.

The down side of this hill is there are lots of tissue paper scattered around, suspect was those left over 'business' by the hikers as there was no actual toilet around the area. It did make the place quite smelly and disgusting a bit just by imagination. Hope hikers able to utilize the temporary toilet that setup by potter instead of scatter around the area, or at least dig yourself a hole for that.

Kim outfit wandering around.

Me with shirt off to feel closer to the nature breeze.

Flying Kim.

Captain Cool!

Fantastic view on the camp sites and massive sea of clouds! Photo credited to Kim.

View towards our camp site from the small hill. You can see the disgusting tissue paper all over the place.

Sea of clouds toward east side of the island.

Fellow hiker enjoy the view on the classic view of the trail.

Definitely a classic view you can reward yourself with when doing this hike.

John and Shawn with the classic view.

My hiking pal with the peak.

Getting colder, rushing back to tent to grab my shirt lol.

Love this photo so much, thanks to Kim!

Appreciate every moment with this majesty natural world.

I just love this view so much!

The sunset coming soon, hope fellow hikers had all reach this spot safely by now.

The sky getting darker hence we started to move back to our tents and we still have to wait a little bit more for our dinner to be ready, but while waiting, potter had prepare us some delicious fried banana as a snack, how nice it was! Slowly the sun drop went down at the back on the mountain opposite to us, and the color of the surrounding suddenly change to a very reddish sunset view which is so impressive. I ran over to the small hill again to have some sunset view on the classic camp site again and I am glad I did make the move because it was truly beauty. We then wandering just nearby to our tent area to witness the sky turn from day to night.

The looks toward the peak from our camp site when dawn approaching.

Sky had turned into beautiful fluffy reddish color.

The clouds are spreading and the lake are now exposed to us to the left of the photo.

Worth to rush up to the hill again to snap this photo under cold and colder temperature.

The temperature are getting colder hence all of us make sure we have enough layer covering from head to toes to keep us warm. We are go glad that our potter had prepare us a very delicious local delicacies, the hot Lombok coconut curry with rice. With this extreme condition, it make us so appreciate with the meal that we have here. Yet not only here, this mindset should always be there whereever we are in.

After the great meal and having lot of laughter dining together with our potters and guides, we head on to get our rest as we need to get up at 1AM in order to proceed our hike toward the peak. The sky was super clear with lots of stars visible, but I will have it skipped for now.

Shawn and Tze Siang can't wait to have our dinner.

Accompany with local favourite, Bintang beer as well!

Photo before start to enjoy our meal.

Super delicious Lombok coconut curry.

Mount Rinjani Crater Rim - Indonesia

August 2017

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