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Tranquility and Peaceful Falls of Sendang Gile & Tiu Kelep

I felt a bit bitter to leave the team for the night in Sendang Gile campsite with a stay in comfortable room, but with my condition I think I had make a right choice. Wake up with full energy after a great sleep, and Rendy is already here with his motorbike ready to pick me up. After a quick complimentary breakfast, we quickly depart to reassemble with the team with a small bag pack only with the needed stuff for the planned waterfall visit today.

It was a quick ride from Sinar Rinjani Cottage, less than 10 minutes of time. On the way going down to the campsite, immediately my eyesight was focus only on the Sendang Gile waterfall which was just next to the campsite, a pure beauty one. Glad the team already have their breakfast and porters are in progress to tidy and pack up the camps. They won't join us in the trekking into the waterfall anymore, hence we gather for a group photo, then deliver them the tips that we gather in order to show our appreciation on their marvelous services throughout our hike.

Rendy give me a ride through small alley to campsite via Sendang Gile waterfall.

Our guides and porters chit chat outside of the campsite.

Sendang Gile waterfall.

It must be a great experience to went into sleep with tranquility sound from the fall.

Sincere thanks from our team to professional guides and porters that accompany us throughout the expedition.

We walk through jungle trail and walk pass some drain system that accordingly to Maman, design to allow water supply flow to Senaru village to support both their daily needs and also for plantation usage. The trek to Tiu Kelep waterfall only took us around 30 minutes of walk into the jungle. We can heard the gigantic sound of the falls from far when we not even saw the fall in actual yet. Short walk by a bit and we manage to finally witness this spectacular waterfall, with layered water flow combine with green scenery.

Peaceful walk toward Tiu Kelep waterfall.

Falling tree trunk.

Have to walk pass these shallow but very strong flow of water.

Many colorful rocks and stones underneath the clear river water.

The team go slow with care when passing through these river.

Another river to pass, and we are close.

Here we are, first peek on the gorgeous waterfall of Tiu Kelep.

I already have a good bath a night earlier in the hotel room but I still eager to change to my swimsuit and rush into the water, hence you can know the reaction from the rest of my teammate these time! In split second all of us, including Maman were already enjoy our self in these cold breeze, clean, and clear water. The fall current is very strong, especially on the water drop point, in which I can't even keep my eyes open to face it when the distance probably is just 20 meters away. Team have lots of fun here cleaning body and swimming around, while Rendy help to snap quite a lots of photo for us. It was truly enjoyable and very refreshing afterward!

Gorgeous waterfall with multiple layer of water flow.

Our changing corner.

In front of the falling trunk with the waterfall. Try to move to the middle of the trunk but it was just too slippery.

You can feel the power of the nature more when you get closer to the fall.

It was freezing cold but yet it was just too comfortable to leave the these water!

Mini fall to the right of Tiu Kelep waterfall that you can stand below the drop point for a great shower.

On the way walk back to Senaru village, we had been guided to take alternate path out, through a water tunnel! The tunnel was build to letthe fall and river water flow over to village and plantation which control by a mini dam. The water flow inside this drain like tunnel is very rush, hence you need to walk very carefully inside. Further more, it is almost total darkness inside unless certain area that have sky holes and some ground condition is damage as well, luckily we have some kids with torch assisted us to went through the tunnel which bring us out at Sendang Gila falls area. Continue the walk along beautiful paddy terrace, we reach Faisal shop in which we have a group photo together before heading to our next destination, Gili Trawangan Island.

Walking on the drain system.

Oh yeah, is time to walk into the drain!

Without the sky hole, it was total dark in there.

Don't go so fast, I need your torch man!

It seem we are here at the exit already.

Nope, the drain lead us to another tunnel.

This showcase how dark to be inside that tunnel without a torch.

Group photo before entering the tunnel again.

Finally, it was the exit!

Rendy and two kids that leading the way with their torch.

One of many sky holes that overlook into the drain.

Bonus to see some rice terrace here in Senaru.

Back to Sinar Rinjani Cottage to pick up my luggage.

Gotten our certificate! Thanks to Faisal, Maman, Rendy, and fellow porters in making this expedition a successful one!

Senaru - Indonesia

August 2017

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