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The Return of Long Lost Speda Ride

After some hectic transportation which include private boat back to Lombok Harbour which was closer to Senggigi compare to Bangsal port, and then taxi ride (150000 Rupiah for each taxi) which going up and downhill cliff along beautiful west coast of Lombok island, we are finally at Jayakarta Hotel, our stay for the night. Since the room was not ready yet, hence we decided to explore surrounding area first, and we need transport to do so. Finalize for 80000 rupiah per motorbike for a day, which they called speda here in Lombok.

We took the speda and going through same route back over those beautiful cliff, and it remind us of good old time when everyone went outing and wandering by driving motorbike, without helmet! Moreover no headache and car sick so we able to enjoy those magnificent view. Oh ya, our destination was Nipah beach as per recommended by car rental boss for its BBQ and grill lunch.

From the lobby of Jayakarta Hotel.

Finalizing for 80000 Rupiah a speda for a day.

Our long lost short road trip on a speda!

The beach view near Chandi Meru restaurant.

While we fill petrol for our speda at a mini 'petrol station'.

And here goes a gang of scooter rider wave hello to us, probably more than 50 of them in a group!

Posting with the owner of the mini 'petrol station' before leaving!

Well, there are probably 10-20 stalls here selling the same kind of BBQ meal here at Pantai Nipah, we settle down with the one that run by a friendly family, additionally they offer a sea view huts that able to fit 8 of us together. We order 3 big fishes, 18 sticks of juicy squid, 10 sticks of prawn, 2 bebedok which looks like some local salad, 2 kang kung, 2 sayur benih, along with 8 coconuts, and the price is only half compare to what we have in Gili Trawangan night market! Furthermore the taste here muchmore awesome and delicious, a well recommended place for local BBQ meal here in Lombok island.

Long row of BBQ restaurant huts here at Pantai Nipah.

View from our dining hut, the swing by the beach is already a symbolic icon here in all over whole Lombok.

Time to choose our meal for the lunch.

Our choice, Warung Ikan Bakar Ibu Jur.

Boss, please make a decision for us soon, we are very hungry.

(After 5 minutes) Please bosses, I am starving....

Finally settling the meal selection, this is the team together at our dining hut.

Enjoying the local coconut.

We are ready to enjoy our lunch!

This is just so satisfying!

Too full after the meal, speda having hard time to carry them both now.

On the way back to Senggigi, we did some minor stop whenever there is a view point, and the highlight throughout the journey was Villa Hantu, which seem to be a abandon incomplete villa by a cliff. From the villa, you can have a very stunning panorama view towards Senggigi beach area. There was also a TV frame like wall in the villa which was a perfect spot to take photo with the beautiful background.

We have another brief stop and visit at Pura Batu Bolong temple. It was an ordinary balinese style temple but being rated as one of the best spot to view sunset in the area. However, we abort the plan as the team prefer to have some relaxation and enjoy the facility back in the hotel.

Continue to enjoy the speda ride.

View from Bukit Malimbu view point.

Stop for a while to enjoy the view along with other tourists on the road.

Our rental speda.

Quickest method to get rid of your tummy, for a while.

Casual group photo.

Entrance to Villa Hantu.

Graffiti scatter all over the wall of the villa.

Superb view towards Senggigi beach.

Boss troubled on where should be his next vacation spot.

Small platform out of the villa.

Selfie time~

Another casual group photo.

Group photo with the stunning background.

Same direction, but now with a TV frame wall!

3000 Rupiah per speda for parking.

The entrance to Pura Batu Bolong temple.

Peaceful environment inside the temple.

A small tunnel leading to the beach area.

The beach next to the temple.

The main altar on the temple, which is restricted except for prayer.

A kid enjoy the swim under hot sun here.

A traditional Balinese sculpture.

Finally, our best stay throughout the whole trip! The room was spacious and comfortable, I know I am for sure to have some great sleep tonight here later on! As for now, we enjoy the swimming pool, and also beach volley ball on the beach. The open view toward the west also lead to yet another spectacular spot for sunset, but yet again the cloud are blocking the perfect view just before it went down under the sea level.

Swimming pool in Jayakarta hotel.

Another kid pool just next to swimming pool.

Can't resist the ball and rush into beach volleyball game with the local.

Endless long beach by the hotel.

Oh my perfect sunset scenario!

Was again blocked by the cloud.

Still pretty enjoyable.

Pure relaxation and just doing nothing, but it was so satisfying.

Last sunset in Lombok!

Utilize our speda to went out hunting for a good spot for dinner, and we found this Happy Cafe in Senggigi town centre with great atmosphere but average food. The live band performance was great but only for a while the team try to find better place to spend out last night together as some of us will be leave on the next day. However there seem to be limited choice nearby hence we decided to just spend all our remaining pool fund to get Bintang beers and snacks, then heading back to our hotel pool side.

It was a very relaxing and beautiful night and we have lot of fun just doing nothing but staring on the dark sky and enjoy the cool breeze of wind. Since the sky was so clear with lots of bright stars, I getting my tripod try to capture some night photography but surprisingly I manage spot milkyway in my photo! Best thing come unexpectedly, and this had inspire and boot my interest to do more night photography.

At Senggigi town centre.

All the tired and starving face.

Environment inside the restaurant.

Nice cafe to hangout and dining here in Senggigi.

Milkyway, what a surprise for a random photography night!

Truly unexpected, what I totally enjoy it!

The variety of breakfast choices in Jayakarta hotel.

Again, the symbolic big swing, this is own by Jayakarta hotel.

Group photo before leaving, try to act cool.

This time for real, good bye Lombok for now!

Senggigi - Indonesia

August 2017

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