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The Red Rock State Park of Sedona

After 20++ hours of long flight and continue with night out straight from airport, I thought that I couldn’t make it to a day trip the next day morning, but guess what, I barely sleep the whole night! I guess this is after effect of jet-lag symptom, even the team surprise that I wake up on time to meet them.After having some light breakfast via Staybridge Suites where my India counterpart stay at, we start departing for our day trip.Fair to say that Phoenix was a city in the middle of a desert, but with averagely 70-80 mph of speed all the way from Chandler, it still took us like an hour before leaving the city area. The more we are away from the city area, the more you can see the wild and huge cactus all over the road side. The road condition was almost perfect, and you don't even have to go spiral way like what we use to experience here in Malaysia when going uphill, it was like a straight way towards the heaven, and that is really something incredible here in America.

After around 2 hours of drive, finally we arrive in Sedona, the famous Red Rock State Park. Our 1st stop was to have a break via Red Rock Ranger District Visitor Center. I was so impress with the details of information that visitor can get here about the region, and how well the American protect and value their magnificent natural monument. This is something that Malaysian government have to improve seriously!

Street view via Chandler.

Excited for the road trip!

A lot of huge wild cactus along the road.

Straight uphill road all the way.

Really love the open scenic view during the drive.

Welcome to the Red Rock Country!

Me with the classic red rock formation viewpoint.

Clear and very information piece of information to enrich your travel experience.

Abhishek via Red Rock Ranger District Visitor Center.

Continue the journey in Sedona.

Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte.

Wefie with the gang!

Wish to be part of them, cycling and sight seeing around the God's Country.

Remarkable landmark, Courthouse Butte.

Bell Rock with a dry tree.

We then move over to Bell Rock area, but to realize that this is a trekking trail and we are not well prepared to do trekking today, hence just take some photo and head to a famous church here in Sedona, the Chapel of Holy Cross. It is a Roman Catholic chapel built into the buttes of Sedona, completed on 1957. In 2007, Arizonans voted the Chapel to be one of the Seven Man-Made Wonders of Arizona.

We try to drove our car all over to the parking space near to the chapel up hill but no luck, hence we have to park our car down near the residential area and walk all the way up to pay our visit, but the view was definitely rewarding. The chapel strategically place in a great spot surrounded by beautiful red rock formation. The environment is so peaceful here that remind me of the famous quote about Sedona, "God Created the Grand Canyon but He Lives In Sedona", it was really that beautiful.

The chapel from the lower ground.

The red rock formation circulating the chapel.

A Sedona trolley which is very convenient to sight seeing especially for the elders.

Another team we-fie at the chapel.

The gang with the chapel and magnificent open view on the red rocks.

Red rocks with greenery view from top, what a combination!

The interior of the chapel.

Abhishek lighting up candles.

The candles.

Jophine at the entrance to the chapel.

Our car is parked somewhere down there.

Perfect getaway for a great weekend sight seeing.

Another closer look on the chapel.

A very standout bungalow in the residential area, rumors saying that it was once owned by Johnny Depp.

Another peek on this beautiful chapel.

Pray for another peaceful day.

Simple, yet elegant.

Cactus and its yellow flowers.

Trees with cotton like white flowers.

We then move to another spot called Devil Bridge and unfortunately this is happen to be another trekking trail that having around 3.6 miles two ways hike. Hence we just have a short walk not far from the car park for some photos, and leaving for our next destination. The trek definitely looks very interesting, I know I will be back for this.

On the way to Devil Bridge.

Another end of red rock formation from Dry Creek Vista car park.

Panorama view on the same angle.

Jump and shake the world!

Fun time under hot sun.

Quiet Nithin keep his focus on his camera.

Another type of cactus, with very sharp thorns!

Cactus with red flower.

Next round must get myself prepare to challenge the trek!

Sedona - USA

October 2017

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