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Oak Creek Vista Overlook

The gang want to have a visit to Flagstaff, and there are two ways that I observed able to bring us there from Sedona, through Interstate 17, or through Oak Creek Canyon road. We decided to drive through Oak Creek Canyon road although it might takes longer time to reach there due to possible jam, but it was a well recommended drive to enjoy beautiful scenery. Lucky for us, it was only a minor jam in some parts of the road. From Sedona town center, until connecting road back to Interstate 17, the total length of the scenic drive was around 25 miles. The aspen trees are scattered to both sides of the road, with some still in greenery color while some already become very yellow to golden color. We pass by Slide Rock State Park and plan to drive in for a quick peek inside, but according to the ranger on duty there was only the major attraction inside was a children swimming pool and we have to pay ticket to go in, hence we just say thanks and continue with our drive towards Flagstaff. It was truly a very beautiful drive, but not recommended for inexperience driver

The road leading to a windy uphill path which I think is the steepest along the scenic drive by far, and I discovered that there are a view point to the right after the path back to flat road, called Oak Creek Vista viewpoint. From the top here you can have a great view on the scenic road that we just pass through earlier, with the mixture of green, yellow, and even red aspen trees scatter around the canyon. I have a talk with the rangers on duty here about when will be the best time for the best view here, and he say it will be in a week or two more, after that, the leaves will start to drop off.

Great bonus before leaving, found a very beautiful trees that almost covered fully with golden color leaves!

The start of the scenic drive.

The view from Oak Creek Vista.

Close up view on the various colors in the wood.

Yellowish tree along the walking trail.

The viewpoint on the windy road that we took to reach here.

Informative details explaining on how the canyon wall being formed here.

We drive through the valley down there which almost fully covered with woods!

BH having a photo with the beautiful valley.

Tree along the walking trail via Oak Creek Vista.

Team photo via Oak Creek Vista!

One more peek before leaving to Flagstaff.

12 more miles to Flagstaff and we are 1956 meters above sea level!

The bonus golden leaves tree!

Only last for another few weeks, and all these leaves gonna drop.

Bright sun with golden leaves.

The color of Fall season.

Continue the journey to Flagstaff.

The scenic drive of Oak Creek Canyon.

Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive - USA

October 2017

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