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Highland Oasis in the Desert

Welcome to Flagstaff, a highland oasis that doesn't look like any other township here in Arizona state, which mostly surrounded by desert. At around 2130 meters elevation, Flagstaff is located on a mountain surrounded by volcanoes, in the heart of the Coconino national forest. But yet the most impressive thing here for me was still the beautiful golden aspen trees scattered almost everywhere in the heart of the city, this is my first true encounter with the fall season hence I am truly excited with these!

Welcome to Flagstaff.

Superb clear blue sky, with no clouds at all.

Can't get my sight out of these aspen trees.

Famous and historic haunted hotel in town, Hotel Monte Vista.

The gang had already having full week of western food here as they reach earlier to US, hence they demanding for something hot for lunch, and with rice! We decided to go for Thai food, and had choose one shop named Swaddee Thai, which surprise me as a Thai lady and Russian guy who worked here manage to speak perfect Chinese, even better than myself! Surprise doesn't end here as the Thai food here was simply amazing, even better than most of the Thai restaurant I visited back in South East Asian region. Really can't imagine I was in another side of the world by now and still able to taste my favorite cuisine here. The story does not end here in this restaurant, we will be back again after some time.

One of the best restaurant I visited during my US trip.

Cozy interior inside Swaddee Thai.

We have a brief walk around the city historical area before heading back to Chandler and call it a day. Finally manage to get my car changed at Hertz as I suppose to be having intermediate class car, and they change my Hyundai Accent to a luxury Nissan Maxima car with 3.5 HP, a very nice car! This car subsequently will follow me to explore many place here in Arizona, even in Utah.

Street graffiti on historical Orpheum Theater building.

Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel, a prominent historic building and unique regional icon here in Flagstaff.

Inside the Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Chapel.

Completed on 1930.

Joseph's Carpenter Shop: "In memory of all children who have died unborn known only to God".

Coconino County Superior Court.

King size Drumstick during bio break via a petrol station!

Rear view on my new car! BWN 3613.

Very handsome front view too!

Flagstaff - USA

October 2017

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