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Talking Stick Resort Arena

Just entering my first working week here in Chandler, and the information and workloads to digest was so huge, that we have to work till approximately 7-8 PM every day, and still have to continue with night meeting with Asia folks for follow up. It was tough, but it feels good to be part of the team and contributing.

During a lunch time in office, I randomly checking on the NBA pre-season game information and discovered that there is a game tonight (11 October 2017) between Phoenix Suns VS Portland Trail Blazers. Coincidentally, there was no night meeting tonight for us, hence I decided to head on to Suns home court, Talking Stick Resort Arena, to view my first ever NBA game, even though it was just a pre-season game. I share my plan to the team, and they want to follow as well to experience the live atmosphere in the arena although they are not basketball fans. Immediately after we done our works, we car pool together and head to Phoenix downtown.

It was quite a little jam in Phoenix downtown but it is still not that bad. We parked our car inside a underground public card park for 10 USD per car, and head over into the arena ticket counter to purchase the tickets. The security was pretty tight here as you need to go through full body scan before getting into the arena, just like when you boarding a plane. The cheapest ticket available was only 12.5 USD per head, probably because it was not official season game yet. After getting ready with our tickets, we follow the queue to enter the arena, and with helps from the workers all around, we able to spot our seats correctly. Seriously, I got goosebumps when I am walking my way through a short tunnel before heading to our seat, when finally I manage to see a live NBA game. The atmosphere, the game, and the audience, suddenly feel like those NBA games that I watch through TV is now coming to live!

The game was already started before we have our seat, but that is all right as it was still in early first quarter of game. Most of the time, Portland are the leading team, but both team certainly does not play that well. During the game, I guess I am the only one in the gang that feel so excited, and keep helping them to understand the game and rules better. But when there is break time between quarters and when one of the team calling time out during the game, the court never go idle and there will be some short performance and shows take over the court to fill the gaps, hence even they does not understand the game that much, but they still enjoy the atmosphere very well.

There was a moment that Phoenix Sun cut the deficit from 20++ points down to single digit, the atmosphere of the arena was bombing to the roof even when the only around half the seats was occupied, I just can't imagine how the situation will be when this is fully occupied home court in some of other major basketball metropolis. The highlight of the game come near to the end of the game, not the basketball play, but Alex Len ejected from the game for shoving on Portland player. Overall, very satisfying experience and for sure I am coming for more when the season officially start!

Current star player for Phoenix Suns, Devin Booker. Too bad he is not playing in this warm up game tonight.

The ticket counter inside the arena.

Team introduction on going now inside the arena.

Goosebumps moment man! Live NBA game!

It will be a play of the day for sure if Josh Jackson dunk in that damn basket!

4 minutes into the first quarter.

1993 Western Conference Champions, and NBA final against Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls, that was NBA best era in my opinion.

Suns does not play well in this game, missing basket one after another one.

Portland leading by 4 and Suns with the attack now.

C.J.McCollum with the ball on final possession of the quarter.

Great performance by Suns Dancers before beginning of second quarter.

Portland star, Damian Lillard substitute into the court now.

Half time show, kids enjoying some basketball inside NBA court.

Phoenix Suns legendary player, Charles Barkley.

Great trampoline half time dunk show!

Players return to the court and warming up for the second half.

Marquese Chriss with a jump shot.

9 Minutes ++ to go, and home team still down by 18 points.

Final score, Portland 113 and Suns 104, thanks both team for the game!

Abhishek with the arena.

BH with the arena.

We head over to Hard Rock cafe opposite of the arena for our dinner, the food portion are so huge and full for me even though I am just ordering Southern Salad. Along with some beer, this meal was awesome, and it feel so good to have a breakaway in the middle of a busy week.

Nice basketball arena.

Miss out Jophine, who is holding the camera.

Not much people in the Cafe this late after the game.

Hard Rock Cafe via Phoenix.

My Southern Salad meal.

Talking Stick Resort Arena - USA

October 2017

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