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Mount Humphreys Peak Hike

Finally, weekend approaching and I am so excited with it as Siew Looi had invited us to join her and her family on a hike to Humphreys Peak, just north to Flagstaff. Beng Hooi need to get a good jacket for the hike, hence we drove all the way to Anthem Outlet which was around 50 miles away from Chandler. He manage to get the jacket he want from North Face, but end up both of us are exhausted by the long drive, and furthermore we only manage to shop for brief 30 minutes as it is closing at 8 PM. However, we still make it to Walmart in Chandler to get some supply of foods and drinks for tomorrow long drive and hike. We also took our dinner via Red Robin just in front of Walmart, and their vegetable burger is absolutely good!

We depart timely at around 5:15 AM from Chandler after picking up Jophine and Abhishek, and not too bad as we manage to reach Arizona Snowbowl sharply at 8 AM, in which Siew Looi and family arrive shortly after a while as well. Siew Looi introduce us to her husband, Curtis, and their two pretty and cute daughters, Vanessa and Sophie. Everyone took some time to pack up the day pack, and we are ready to start our hike!

Unreal blue sky , just like a painting.

First time meeting with Sophie.

The car park in Arizona Snowbowl.

Siew Looi and Vanessa.

Sun is coming up and we better get hurry to walk the trail.

Group photo just before we start our hike.

Here we go, following the route to Humphreys Peak Summit.

The trail to Mount Humphreys start just next to Arizona Snowbowl car park, which is an alpine ski resort operate during the winter. The weather was quite chilling but I enjoy it a lot with only a short pant. We walk pass the chairlift and slowly we enter the wood which there are lots of pine trees as well as aspen tree in yellowish color due to the fall season, and it was very beautiful. I am quite impress with the condition of the trail which is maintain by the government, which having a lot of sign and clear trail to follow, make it safe for the visitor to enjoy the hike safely, as long as you follow the guideline. The trail was not too steep but since it keep going zigzag all the way up hill from one end to another, making the trail to be longer a bit. Jophine give up the hike and walk his way back to car at around 1.5 miles, and Sophie as well on the 2 miles checkpoint. Curtis family already having the plan B for this, in which Curtis bring Sophie back to their hotel and get some rest, while Siew Looi and Vanessa continue to hike with us.

Grass field before entering the wood.

Can start to see the yellowish aspen trees covering the wood.

Entering the wood now.

The aspen leaves scattered all over the trail.

Brave Sophie leading the way.

Surrounding view in the wood.

Well equipped against the weather, guys!

Not to steep, but keep going up.

The sun was just too bright now, but still beautiful.

Good job, Sophie!

Minor break and having some refreshment.

Love the sun ray, along with the view

Mark your details on the record book is your responsibility here before continue the hike from this point.

Perfectly maintained trail, easy to follow.

Sophie escort by Siew Looi.

Vanessa with her supplement, a candy!

Vanessa enjoy the hike very much.

Curtis as well, enjoy the hike very much.

The sisters.

Tree trunk that drop on the path was effectively being cleared for safety purposes.

Beware on the uneven trail that covered with lots of roots, don't injure yourself.

Lesser aspen trees when we are going higher uphill.

Sophie leading the team with her hiking stick.

The path getting tougher, but is still safe to hike.

We-fie taken with the team while having a rest.

At 2.4 miles mark, there was a junction our from the trail to a open area that almost fully covered with stones and rocks all the way from top to the bottom. It looks like an aftermath of a potential landslide occur here quite some time before. The trail continue and right now no more aspen tree can be seen where we are getting higher, it was only the pine trees along the way. Slowly the trail getting tougher and steeper, and the surrounding trees are also getting lesser as well and we start to expose to the sun light. On the positive end, we are starting to be able to see the view towards the east. Everyone is getting tired at this point especially Vanessa, but we want to at least make it to Agassiz Saddle, which happen to be junction between two peak, Humphreys Peak and San Francisco Peak. With hard work and dedication, and of course support from each other, we finally manage to reach Agassiz Saddle and it was an open area that we can view the two peaks, and also gorgeous open view towards the east and the west. Kudos to the team!

Bollywood celebrity close up!

We will make it there!

We-fie, smile and let's continue.

Vanessa just want to have more rest.

Start to get some view out of the trees.

Vanessa enjoy her banana while resting.

Stony trail, be careful!

The end of the stony trail, area covered fully with these rocks.

Remaining all green pine trees now here.

The trail getting tougher now.

And Vanessa is tired, but still able to continue.

Can see the Agassiz Peak now from the trail.

The sun was so hot at this point, but still the weather was quite chilling.

Lesser and lesser pine trees when we are closer to the top.

The open view to the west.

Keep up the good work, you are almost there.

Beng Hooi chatting with the fellow hiker, not too far to reach Agassiz Saddle.

Tired but still manage to smile when being photographed, which is good.

Finally, the Humphreys Peak is visible now!

Almost make it to Agassiz Saddle now, check out in the middle of the photo, it start to have some snow in the area.

We have a rest here and having our lunch, that was a wonderful feeling just to be empty here with those view from the top. We also manage to make some friends with other group of hikers here and having fun time chatting around, everyone was so impress by Vanessa effort for making it this far! She was absolutely great! Considering the time that we took to reach Agassiz Saddle was slower for quite a lot compare to our prediction, hence we decide that we will not try to make it to the top of Humphreys Peak this round as based on the time calculation, we wont be able to make it back to the car park before sunset based on our speed, hence without wasting more time we start to descend our way down hill. Hope there is a chance for me to try to make it to the top again, perhaps next time.

Refreshing view from

A view from Agassiz Saddle to the west.

Humphreys Peak was the highest point, around one more miles to go from here.

Few other trail to consider from here.

Finally, a relaxing lunch time.

A guy having a rest near to the sign board.

Finally, Beng Hooi make it to Agassiz Saddle as well, kudos!

Casual group photo via Agassiz Saddle.

Looks so near to the peak, yet so far.

Nice to meet you, Karen.

Olympic gymnast in the making.

Achievement unlocked for Vanessa, good job girl!

On the other end, this uncle still need more practice~

Karen and her friend.

Thanks girls for the photo!

Casual tourist photo, but I just love it.

Another casual one, but yet I still love it very much.

Take care, Karen and friend, all the best!

Mother and daughter, great accomplishment!

Is time to go down hill now.

We are taking the same trail back down hill, hence it was not too tough but at some point it was still quite slippery, hence I am walking slowly with the team to escort them through these area especially Vanessa. The way down for sure is taking up shorter time, but having more pressure on your knee, and it cause my legs start to feel some pain. However, when we approach back to the lower area which covered with aspen trees, I was stunned by the scenery, as the sun was shine brightly at this time but not direct from the top, making all the aspen trees and its leaves turn to pure gold color, which looks like a giant golden canopies covering the whole area. It was truly so beautiful and satisfying to watch, an absolutely amazing view! Slowly we make it to the car park and gather with the rest, and since we are in Flagstaff, the team keen on to have our dinner again via Swaddee Thai again, this was our second visit. We then check in to Motel 6 in Flagstaff and suppose to meet Siew Looi and family in their hotel for hot water spa relaxation, but end up we are too tired to leave our comfortable bed hence we call it off.

Another rest on the rocky trail session.

With care, I walk on top of these rocks to walk to the center part of it, look at the aspen jungle down there.

It just look like a waterfall